Monday, April 01, 2013

My Dear Cousin Emily Visits the Fort… Part 1

A mere week ago my dear Cousin Emily came to visit me. I was so delighted to finally see my dear cousin, as it had been nearly a year and a half since last we met.

It was a one of the best times that we have ever spent together. As many of you know, my dear cousin is due to wed the Doctor this coming October and I had planned to help procure some her wedding clothes, thus the reason for her visit.

The Fort quickly became a flurry of activity as ladies from the surrounding Oregon Country came to see my cousin. I dare say, she did not know how much joy her visit brought.


On Sunday last, we gathered to have tea at a lovely home a few hours south of the Fort.


Miss Waterman and Mrs. Cartwright


Miss Waterman and Lady Jersey, aka Mrs. Azevedo


My young neighbor, Miss Jenna, joined us for her first outing since coming out into society. She spent countless hours sewing her gown or the occasion.



Miss Jenna, Mr. Forest, and Miss Waterman


My Cousin and Me


Miss Jenna and Me


Miss Waterman seizes a quiet moment to read the letter from her dear Doctor 

That evening we departed for the Fort for some much needed rest.


This gave Miss Waterman and Miss Jenna a chance to catch up on their letter writing and enjoy a cup of tea. The next few days would prove to be busy and quite adventurous.