Sunday, July 22, 2007

Costume Pics

So finally, after three months of procrastination I have pictures of my new dress for you. This is the dress that caused that loverly infection in my finger. Here they are. Yes I'm a dork and I have to have my hair accurately styled :-) What can I say, I'm a history nut!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Leila Lu Loves Her Grandpa

It's absolutely amazing to me how far our doggies have come. When they first met Aaron's parents they weren't too thrilled and poor Leila was terrified of Stu. Well, now that more than a year of training and socialization has passed both dogs were quite welcoming and cuddly. However, Leila surprised us all last Thursday night by climbing onto the couch to snuggle with her Grandpa. It was too cute!

Honeyman State Park

Ahh, Honeyman State Park. I think this was one of my favorite excursians. We walked around the lake and then rented a canoe. Aaron and Stu rowed us around the lake and towards the outlet to the sea for about 45 minutes. We still had 10 minutes left after we finished so Sara and I took a kyak out and paddle around. It was a blast!


Newport Aquarium

Here are the pictures of my new friends at the Newport Aquarium. Some of you already know I have a thing with animals. It's hard to describe, but in a nut shell, they tend to love me and flock to me. I made a couple of friends at the aquarium. My favorite was the otter. He gave me a private show of summer salts, kisses, and he even put his little paw on the glass up to my hand. We also had the privilege of spending quality time with puffins and other sea birds in Newport's aviary. I was in animal lover's heaven!

Multnoma Falls

Fund With the Parents :-)

So Aaron's parents Sara and Stu spent the past ten days with us in our little home. It was a very nice trip and we had a great time. During their visit we went to Multnoma Falls, Newport, Florence, Honeyman State Park, and many other places around Portland. Here are some pictures of their stay. (I'll be posting the pictures in seperate posts by each trip and of course, miscellaneous.)