Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spoiled? Of Course Not...

Gico's brand new cage! Yes it's huge.

He loves peaches and necterines!

On the Happy Hut!

Max's favorite spot on a hot day!

Little Miss Leila with yogurt all over her face!

The toy that was once shaped like a cat. Max tore the legs and tail off one by one. Now the head is completely gone and they're just have of the body left!

We love our babies, and yes they are spoiled! :-)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mt St Helens Excursian

So we decided to take a nice little trip to Mt St Helens in the hopes of hiking around the area and seeing the gorgeous scenery. We also thought it would be nice to take the fur babies with us and have a mommy, daddy, and doggies day. After a 2 hourish drive we made it to the base of the mountain. Unfortuanately no animals are allowed on the trails so that kind of put a damper on things. We then decided to drive back down the road to see if we could find a nice spot to each lunch and let the puppers run around. Just a few miles down there was a dirt road that we parked at and had a nice little picnic. Here are the pics and vidoes. Enjoy!


And now for silly animal tricks! :-)

Fruits of Our Labor

Well, after a year of working on our garden we have been reaping the harvest of our work. In other words, we have enough tomatos and basil to feed Rome! Take a look :-)

Bath Time

One of Gico's favorite things is to take a bath on his cage. He loves it! Here's a video of him doing just that!