Saturday, January 24, 2009

Costume Planning

Some of you may know that I have been obsessed with the late 18th century. So, I've ordered the JP Ryan pattern, Robe l'anglaise, and I'm beginning to plan my wardrobe for this year. I'm so excited! There's something so thrilling about costumes, I can't quite explain it. Everytime I look at an extant garment it gives me chills and I want to research more. What can I say, I'm adicted to history. Here are some pictures of dresses I'm hoping to make this year. God Bless!
The above dress from Marie Antoinette, will hopefully be my first creation. I'm currently research fabric choices. I hope to start this in mid Feb or March :-) I'm planning on making a Robe l'Anglaise with long sleeves and a seperate pelise. That way, I have a base garment to build upon.

Well, there's my sneek peak for the year. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sarah Jane

I just wanted to let you all know that my dear friend, Sarah, delivered a healthy baby boy this morning. Mom and baby are doing fine. I let her post the details. God Bless you dear friends!


Well, where to begin.... We landed in sunny Florida around 8 o'clock Sunday night. It was so interesting returning to the land of my birth. I only lived there for a few months but it was still familiar to me, especially the smells. We stayed in a very, very nice resort, that was basically a cruise on land, and had every amenity you could imagine. I wished we could have seen more of Orlando, but the days where spent working and haggling, and the nights were spent "partying." For those of you who do not know me, my version of partying consists of ginger ale with cranberry juice and going back to the room around midnight. I do not enjoy all hours of the night, drinking, ect... Yes, I maybe boring, but I prefer it that way.

I also had a number of new experiences. I met some pretty famous celebrities, which I will share more of in pictures. Had my first spa experience, and now I'm officially spoiled. Shaw bought out Universal Studios one evening, and all of us at the show had the whole place to ourselves. That was really awesome and really neat to have the whole theme park just for us. I also met up with some of my former reps from the store I worked at in Flagstaff. All in all it was a wonderful trip, and I'm slowly getting back to my routine. Here are some pics from the whirlwind trip....

Our amazing hotel with the weird name, Shingle Creek.

Frank, he's the pug in Men in Black... Our first celebrity siting, and petting, for that matter.

Nicky the Macaw, this guy has been in a number of movies, the most recent being Evan Allmighty. I learned that he's 18 years old and a huge mama's boy. His mom and I talked about bird things and swaped terrible two's stories.

The Cockatoo (don't remeber his name, but he sure was cute)

Oh, and Kathy Ireland. Truth be told, I stood in line to meet the animals, but wouldn't do the same for Kathy... What can I say, I'm an animal lover, especially birds.

A very silly picture of Chad, my rep from AZ whom I hadn't seen in three years, Brandy, our CEO, and Michele, our Tigard Store Manager

Okay, really silly picture of Michele and Me on the bus to Universal.

Universal Studios, Orlando

Outside the Mummy ride. No I did not ride it, I'm a whimp and it was a roller coaster.

A street scene with very cool car... Also Universal

And who doesn't love Lucy? I certainly do...(love her that is)

View from our hotel room, on Wednesday, our last day in Florida. Ironically it was the only day the sun was out, figures...

Another view from our window

Yours truly, very exhausted and without make-up :-)

Michele and Me enjoying our first day outside and in sunshine...

On our walk before we left for home

I think that is a crane?

More birds. I was in heaven....

This guy was only about a foot away and we had a very nice conversation. I think he like me, because he kept posing for me and stayed put the whole time.

Goodbye Florida

Well that's all folks... God Bless!

Love Lauren

Finally Home!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have been shamefully lacking in the blogging department lately. Partly due to very few new things going on and the rest due to a conference I just attended in Florida. I'm back home now, and I have lots of pictures and stories to share from my trip. I will hopefully get those posted this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!! God Bless.

Love Lauren

P.S. Keep Sarah Jane from Romantic History in your prayers, she's having her baby today!