Friday, September 29, 2006

Foggy Morning

I opened up my curtains this morning to find a beautiful mist settling on our street. Here is some pictures. Enjoy!

Looking out of Aaron's Office Window

From our front yard.

Looking towards the side yard.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

From the Hand of a 5-Month-Old

Ever wandered what a five-month-old types? Here it is! Ladies and Gentlemen, the love note from my wonderful nephew Zachary to me!

"bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb b 8 iooo d dt rb 97udru ivcj7 uugkj o gv hhh

zach "

I love you baby and I can't wait to see you kiddo!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Bride's of Christ

Last night I went to our church's women's Bible study. It was awesome! We listened to a woman speak about Esther and how her life is a model of true worship and devotion to our God and King. She explained the ritual Esther went through to prepare herself to meet the king of Persia for the first time. 6 months of Myrrh oil was applied to her body and taken internally, followed by another 6 months of sweet spices and fragrances. Her body was clean inside and out; and her natural odor was replaced by the smell of sweet spices. She also wholly submitted herself to God's plan for her life. Though she was taken from her people and brought to the palace, most likely not by her choice, she accepted it. She left everything behind and became a completely devoted to finding favour with the king, which she indeed won as the story tells us.

One of the most touching words of the evening came from our pastor's wife, Betty. As the evening drew to a close she said something that struck a chord with me. "We may not have what the world calls 'beauty', and we may not look like models and movie stars, but we are the Brides of Christ. We are beautiful and pleasing in His eyes." What an amazing truth! How many times do we, mostly women, compare ourselves to the "women" we see on TV or in movies. "I'll never be that skinny," or "I have a 'ghetto booty," or "I'll never look like that in a million years," or "I can pinch an inch," and so many other things. It's something I struggle with on a daily basis. But, to be reminded that I am a Bride of Christ, that we are His brides, His beautiful creation, and He loves us more than we can comprehend makes this body seem, well, like the shell that it is. Not to be neglected, but to be made into a temple for our Savior to dwell. I praise you God for making me and loving me, all of me, for who I am. I am so thankful that I am a bride of Christ, my Jesus, and my Savior.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

For Those who Love Historical Recipes

Ok, I admit it. I love history, as if it's news to anyone who knows me. I also love cooking historical food from various eras. I stumbled on this site about a month ago, and I must say, it's spectacular! Talk about complex, fun recipes. I've only tried one of them so far, the Venison in Callops. However I used Chicken instead of Venison, and I didn't lard the meat. It was, however, the tastiest chicken I think I've ever made. For those who are up for the challenge, and the fun of historical food, this site is for you! Check out the amazing sugar sculptures and pie moulds. It's quite amazing what one can do with food! All for now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy 6 month guys!

Well, 6 months ago today we got our doggies Max and Leila. What an amazing change! They are so well behave and sweet. When we first got them the barely knew how to sit. Now, they are leash trained, they know basic commands, they don't try to eat the birds (a big plus!), and they are so affectionate. I must say I have fallen in love with Chesapeake Bays as a bread. They're very cool dogs, but not for everyone. For more on Chessies check out this rescue site

Here are pics of our babies when we first got them!

Their first experience with snow (when we lived in Flagstaff!)

No, this is not an edited photo! It took a month of training

to keep Max (the dog) from eating my birdies.

Now, he's see's them as part of the pack!

Look Ma! Our first swim (with us that is!)

You have to drag us out of the water!

Why can't Baldric play ball with me? (Baldric the cockatiel, that is!)

Well, that's all for now!

Pics of My Babies (All of them!)

Baldric My Male Cockatiel

Queenie, My Female Cockatiel

Max, My Male Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Leila, My Female Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Aren't they just adorable!

Max the Purring Dog?

Yes, my 100 lbs. Chessie, Max, was purring like a cat yesterday. I was petting him and he started purring. It was hilarious! So I guess Beau kitty you've met your match, Max the purring Dog!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Little Nephew!

Here are some updated pictures of Zachary!

Look, he's wearing the bib we got him! Isn't he a doll!

I love you little guy and I can't wait to meet you!