Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Great Lady…

Aunt Jer, Angel, and Me

My Great Aunt Jeri, who passed on Saturday and was laid to rest today, my cousin Angela, and me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Riding Habit….

Hello All! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Yesterday went by waaaay to fast, as usual. You can see some of my riding habit in the previous post, but I decided I would just to a post dedicated to it alone :-) Enjoy!!!!

Fox Hunt 005 Fox Hunt 006 Fox Hunt 010

Tally Ho! A Fox Hunt…

The dusky night rides down the sky,
   And ushers in the morn;

Fox Hunt 269

The hounds all join in glorious cry,
   The huntsman winds his horn:

Fox Hunt 033
    And a hunting we will go.

Fox Hunt 068 The wife around her husband throws
   Her arms, and begs his stay;

Fox Hunt 051 My dear, it rains, and hails, and snows,
   You will not hunt to-day.

Fox Hunt 187     But a hunting we will go.
Fox Hunt 235 A brushing fox in yonder wood,
   Secure to find we seek;
Fox Hunt 225 For why, I carry'd sound and good
   A cartload there last week.

Fox Hunt 161 And a hunting we will go.

Fox Hunt 315 Away he goes, he flies the rout,
    Their steeds all spur and switch;

Fox Hunt 257

Some are thrown in, and some thrown out,
   And some thrown in the ditch:
Fox Hunt 195

    But a hunting we will go.

At length is strength to faintness worn,
Fox Hunt 336

   Poor Reynard ceases flight;
Then hungry, homeward we return,

Fox Hunt 317
   To feast away the night:

Fox Hunt 319
    Then a drinking we will go.

Henry Fielding’s 18th century "Hunting Song" (c.1745)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sneak Preview

We had our Faux Fox Hunt today…..

Fox Hunt 033

More pictures will follow. Right now Lady Sully needs a nap ;-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It’s Finished….

Yes, I finished my habit and my topper in just the nick of time. However, I’m going to tease you and make you wait for the final pictures until after the event. I will, however, show you the top hat. Enjoy :-)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A…. Pirate Fest

Well Friends, I committed a crime against history and attended a, gulp…, Pirate Fest. Actually, it ended up being fun and we had a nice time with our fellow Le Bon Ton cronies. Our main goal was to pilfer well dressed and costumed folks for our society. We found a few in the King’s Navy and exchanged calling cards with them. We shall see if we have any newcomers at future events. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day. I will warn you, Farb abounded and some where so bad they were “wanna be Farb.” Enjoy!

Pirate Fest 2010 019 Mrs. Cartwright fencing at the Academia Duellatoria

Pirate Fest 2010 028

de Valois family in their finest.

Pirate Fest 2010 024Lady Devereux in her new Redingote

Pirate Fest 2010 044

I always tend to make feathered friends. There was a bird rescue booth that had some amazing parrots. I fell in love with this little girl. She was a doll!Pirate Fest 2010 056

This big girl was rescued from a horrible situation nearly 6 months ago. She was found almost dead, but with lots of care and love she is thriving. She preferred men more than women and really loved Aaron.

Pirate Fest 2010 084

Pirate Fest 2010 180

Pirate Fest 2010 182

Pirate Fest 2010 211

Here we have another new friend. This little rat is called Pierre le Grande. I’m not usually a rodent person, but this little guy was sooo sweet and cuddly and soft. We all adored his little pirate hat and he had lots of cuddles and pets. Pirate Fest 2010 132

My handsome husband!

Pirate Fest 2010 249

Pirates firing off cannon. I have never heard anything so loud before. It was loud and you could feel the boom in you chest. I can’t imagine what the larger cannons sound and feel like.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Wonderful Trip and More Riding Habit Updates

I was blessed to visit my family in Arizona this past weekend. It was a last minute trip, but it turned out to be a very, very nice trip. I won’t go into to much detail, but please keep my grandfather in your prayers. I will update with more as soon as I am able.

As for the Riding Habit, I have 9 days left to complete everything. I finished the bodice tonight and I’m hoping the petticoat will go much faster. They usually do, since they are composed of rectangles and straight long, running stitches. Anyway, here are the pics :-)

IMG_0012IMG_0013  IMG_0014 IMG_0016

Well, have a wonderful rest of your week. God Bless!!!

Love Lauren

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Goings On…

Things have been very interesting around Portland House these days. I am making a trip to Arizona, kind of a last minute thing, to visit my family this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to it especially since I have not been home since May of last year.

Aaron and I also had a very nice Labor Day weekend. We spent part of it with friends, and the majority of it with each other. The highlight of the weekend was Sunday. We spent the afternoon with our dear friends and they’re little boy, James. We returned home around 8:30 that night, lit a fire in our fire pit, and then we sat out on the deck and talked until midnight. It was a wonderful time.

I also had a chance to get some sewing done. The bodice is nearly completed, save the cuffs, buttons, and buttonholes. I’m hoping to have the bodice finished before I leave for Arizona, but I may be a bit ambitious. We’ll see how much time I have. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Fire Talk 003

The fire pit after a long night of burning wood and chatting.Fire Talk 015

The starry skies.


The sleeves look poofier in this picture than they actually are. I also need to trim them and they add the cuffs. They need to be about 3 inches shorted.




The belt is attached and closes at the side. I can’t decide if I want to do buttons or hooks and eyes with false buttons.


The lining. The seam allowance is pressed over and then the piece is whip-stitched into place. This method keeps things nice and tidy without adding extra bulk.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Have a lovely rest of your week :-)

God Bless!

Love Lauren

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Medieval Help Desk!!!!

This sums up my days… Enjoy!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Riding Habit Progress…

The bodice is starting to take shape :-)IMG_0002IMG_0003 IMG_0004

My Riding Habit: The Inspiration

My dear friend gave me permission to post the fashion plate my riding habit is based on. Here it is....

The main fabric is blue wool, the waistcoat is going to be green silk, and my topper will be a bit taller with blue and green ribbons. Also, I am raising the waist just a tad so I can wear it with my short stays.