Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sauvie’s Island Picnic

Today Mrs. Cartwright and I joined the Oregon Regency Society for a picnic on Sauvie’s Island. It was a delightful event and Mrs. Cartwright and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a very lovely and peaceful afternoon.


Mrs. Cartwright picking strawberries.



Sea Bathing in the Columbia River



Relaxing on our little blanket after our sea excursion.


Well, I must be off to bed now. Have a lovely evening.


Lady Georgiana Sully

My Family!

As you read in my previous post, my parents and step grandmother came to see us for a few days. It was so mice spending time with them and showing them the sites around town. Here are a few pictures from there stay.

jenny's 125

My dad enjoying the pavilion.

jenny's 151

My mom snagged a pic of the babies cuddling before bedtime :)

jenny's 132

Baron enjoying his bath.

jenny's 145

Gico Baby

jenny's 137

Maximus, aka Moose Dog with his ball.


Leila Lu, aka Baby Girl Doggie


My mom in front of the carriage house at Pittock Mansion.

jenny's 176

My grandfather’s lovely bride, Mary.


Mr.s Cartwright and I at our riding lesson. My parents came out to watch us and enjoy the countryside for a few hours.


Trucker and Bob in the marshy area of the field.


Molly, our instructor’s doggy, playing in the water. She is one goofy girl.


The amazingly beautiful Oregon Coast!


Mrs. Cartwright and Mary enjoying the views.

jenny's 182

Picture of hubby taking a picture :)


The whole gang at Pittock.


Finally, here is a pic of our dear friend’s little girl playing dress up in the blue room. They came to visit us yesterday, after living in Virginia for a year. It was lovely to see them and I just had to include this pic. She is such a cutie!

Have a lovely evening.

Love Lauren

A Huge Thank You!

Hello Friends!

   I hope you are all doing well! My parents just spent a wonderful 5 days with us and have safely returned home. The main purpose of this trip was bringing the furniture I inherited from my late grandparents. It has been like Christmas! I have been organizing for a week and, thanks to my wonderful friends, am almost complete.

  I owe a huge thank you to Mme de Valois, Sir Michael and Lady Devereux, Cpt. and Mrs. Cartwright, and my wonderful parents and step-grandmother for all of your help! Finally, and most certainly not least, my wonderful husband, Sir Thomas, has been putting up with a flood of very feminine furniture and accessories! I’m so glad he has his man cave/ basement to gain some masculinity back in our house :)

  I also have a huge post coming down the pike. As soon as I get everything organized I promise to post pics. There are a number of amazing treasures. Here are just a couple teasers ;)


I have loved this brass bed since I was a little girl! It’s so exciting to have it in my home.


My secretary desk. It’s in the “blue room” and the room is looking quite lovely. I will post full pictures when I’m finished with it :)


Part of the dining room set with the china dishes and crystal ware.

There will be more pictures to come as soon as I get things the way I want them.

Love Lauren

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cpt.’s New Frock Coat

Yes, I finally have some pictures of the coat I just finished for our good friend, Cpt. Cartwright. Now, keep in mind that this is his last fitting, and he’s not in his full attire :)


Brown Frock (6)

The Collar

Brown Frock (7)

The pleats on the tails. Mrs. Cartwright made the lovely deathhead buttons for her husband’s frock.

Brown Frock (11)

The Cpt. is being silly here :P

Brown Frock (8)

I hope to get some final pics of him in his full attire soon.

Have a lovely day!

Love Lauren

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Baron and Other Craziness…

So, life has been wonderful and just plain crazy busy lately. I’ve been working on a number of sewing projects in preparation for our trip to Ohio, upping my horseback riding to three days a week, and caring for our own little menagerie.

To add to the slight insanity, we are taking care of a new feathery friend for the next few months until his owner can find a new place. His name is Baron and he is a 28 year old blind goose.  So far he is fitting in very well and is very sweet.

He will be staying in the back yard during the day and sleeping in his own space, complete with straw bedding,  in the garage at night. Last night he stayed in our basement bathroom to see if he could be indoors at night. He did well, but my goodness, he is one MESSY boy! So, we both think the garage will be the perfect place for him at night.


Baron in the backyard for the first time.


Taking his bath! He looooved this so much. He spent a good 30 minutes splashing around.


Meeting the dogs. Max seems to really like him. He just laid down next to baron and sat there.

Well, I must be off to work on pattern drafting. Have a lovely day!

Love Lauren