Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things to Come

Hello my friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I don’t know about you, but it seems like this weekend just zoomed by. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is already Monday again.

Well, Aaron took his second of three board exams this past Thursday and Friday. That means he has one more to go, in the Spring, before he will be official. Tomorrow is a bit of a bittersweet day. You see, Aaron goes back to school, which is good, but I’ve really enjoyed having him off the past 6 weeks. I’ve come home to a clean house and dinner every night. The animals have also loved having him home all day, especially the dogs. Yes, I always get super spoiled when he’s home. So, tomorrow is back to the grindstone for all involved.

On the costuming front, my finger is healing quite nicely. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it just looks kind of gross. That means, I can start sewing again, yeah! My seven day sewing hiatus  has given me plenty of time to research what I want to do. Below are some pictures of what I hope is to come. Enjoy!


Another Open Robe, out of silk this time. I might even try my hand at the Janet Arnold Robe.


I have always loved this ensemble. The hat, the colors, everything. I’m thinking I need a dress like this too :-) BTW, if any of you ladies know where I can find a straw blank in that shape, I would be very grateful for the info.


This gown is just dreamy. I have a light green silk I’m thinking of using to make it with. 

1790s-roundgown (1)

I’m thinking next year I’m going to try my hand at embroidering a full gown. My goal is to do something similar to the above dress. A fine muslin gown covered in silver embroidery. But, before I jump into it, I think I'm going to do a gown with silk floss, like the one pictured below.

DT6875After I feel more comfortable with a less expensive medium, I will try my hand at the metal. I’m pretty excited about it.


Of course I would be completely selfish to make things only for myself. So, I will be throwing in a new suit for hubby in between all of this. He thinks he wants more of day wear suit rather than silk. So, I found this little gem. I think the frock coat is made out of a light wool or a linen, I’m not sure though.

Well, it’s getting late. I need to start winding down. God Bless and have a great week.

Love Lauren

P.S. I have events happening almost every weekend this month. I will definitely have lots of pictures to post :-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1795 Open Robe

The first one is finished. I basically made a dress without a front skirt. Here are a couple of pictures, they’re not the best, but they’ll have to do :-)

As for the sewing front, I sliced a nice little chunk out of my left index finger last night while chopping basil. So sewing is on hold for a little while until it heals up.  Instead, I’m going to start on my mini Lady D hairpiece. :-) God Bless and have a great week everyone!

IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1795 Muslin Dress

What would a new pair of stays be without a new dress to go along with it? Here is my new day dress made out of a very light blue voile. It’s the same fabric that I used for my chemise a la reine, but don’t tell anyone, tee hee. I used a 1790’s round gown from Costume in Detail as a base for the closure and the Sense and Sensibility drawstring gown as a very rough guide for the pieces. Actually, the bodice is from S and S and the sleeves are from JP Ryan. What a typical Lauren costume, take a little here add a little there, and voila, you have a pattern. Aywhoo, here are the pictures. Enjoy. *Note the completely modern hair and makeup, shock and horror.*



Underneath it all :-)


These pics show how the dress works. The bodice ties in the front and the front skirt panel, or apron, is pinned into place.  ( I have no idea why I look so annoyed in that first picture, oh well)


I think it’s nearly impossible to not have an animal in a picture in our house. They’re just so lovey, they have to be near one of us at all times. When mommy’s home, I get to be that one :-)




Now, I’m going to be making a few open robes to wear on top. Like the one pictured above from the V & A museum.IMG_0013

Out of these fabrics…

That’s all for now. I hope you are all having a great week. God Bless!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finished Stays

I finished my stays tonight after about three days of work, and yes they are entirely hand sewn. They were very easy to put together and I really like the fit, they’re quite comfortable. Here are some pics on my dress form. They fit me much better, but you get the idea. God Bless!

IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stays Progress

Yesterday I started my 1790’s stays. I decided to base them off the the Kent University Stays (see pic below). So far I’m please with the result. I still need to sew the boning channels, add the boning, add straps, and bind them. Here are the pics, Enjoy!


Kent University Stays


IMG_0001 IMG_0003IMG_0004


The actually close all the way on me, cause I can squish, unlike my dress form.

IMG_0007    IMG_0006

Sunday, September 06, 2009

CADD Strikes Again…

Dear Friends and Readers,

Firstly, thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I love blog land :-)

Secondly, I have some costume plans and changes in the works (laughs evilly a rubs hands). I’m going to try my hand at the mid 1790’s. You see, I have an event in January that I will be singing at again. Now, singing in a full pair of stays was ok since I only sang one song. However, this upcoming event I will be singing three songs through out the evening, and eating dinner in between. So, the longs stays are just not going to work. Singing on empty, no problem, but combine that with food and long stays, uhuh. So, it’s on to the late, late Georgian and very early, early Regency I go. I’m going to be doing a few things. I need a new mini me “Lady D” hair and some new dresses. So this is what will be in the works for the next few projects. Sorry, the JP Ryan stays are going to be on hold for a little while. But I do promise I will make them. Here are some pics what is to come…

kci1790-95_purple01 4x5 original 4x5 original 1795-Robe-w-bow 2006AV6207 (1)


I’m thinking hair about this size.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Ball

With out further adieu, my friends, here are the pictures, and yes, video of the ball. God Bless and Enjoy!

Ainsworth Ball 016

Ainsworth Ball 018 Ainsworth Ball 019

Ainsworth Ball 025

Ainsworth Ball 028

Ainsworth Ball 029 Ainsworth Ball 030 Ainsworth Ball 031  Ainsworth Ball 033

Ainsworth Ball 037

Ainsworth Ball 040

Ainsworth Ball 043 I love this photo, it reminds me of an old southern house.

Ainsworth Ball 044 Angel and Me

Ainsworth Ball 046

Ainsworth Ball 049 Ainsworth Ball 052

Ainsworth Ball 055Ainsworth Ball 060Christian and Tara 

Ainsworth Ball 064

Christian, Brad, and Angel

Ainsworth Ball 090

Tara and ChristianAinsworth Ball 096

This is Aaron’s favorite photo, very ghostly.

Ainsworth Ball 109 

Tara, in the “Pixie Cage”