Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pittock Mansion Pictures

Finally, here are the pictures from our absolutely glorious day. God Bless and Enjoy :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pittock Mansion Picnic Preview

So, our picnic was absolutely glorious and spectacular. I had a very difficult time coming back to reality and, well, this century. Here is a picture to hold you over while I get the big post together. Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DIY Doggy Therapy

So, many of you know that our dog, Max, is due to have ACL surgery this fall. We, including Max, been having a hard time being able to exercise him without over exerting his injured knee. The absolute best thing for him is to take him swimming. There are a few problems with that activity... 1) the nearest swimming area that allows dogs is about 30+ miles from our house 2) he originally injured himself while riding in the car 3) he always has a rough couple of days following his swimming excursions, due to the car ride and walk to the water 4) he does not do well with other dogs. So, what's a couple who adores their pups to do?

I was praying over the weekend, asking God for wisdom on what to do with Max. How do we get him swimming, without paying a special vet therapy clinic thousands of dollars? God in His amazing, awesome love gave me a wonderful idea... build him a pool. I thought it was one of my crazy schemes that would never work, but God had a plan. Low and behold, Aaron, with the guidance of his dad, was able to build an above ground pool for Max to swim in. Here are the pictures of Moose Dog's first doggy therapy session. It was quite successful, praise God!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bastille Day Picnic

This afternoon we donned our Regency frocks and headed out to West Linn for a celebration of the French Revolution. It was a lovely afternoon filled with lounging on the grass, yummy food, and sinlge stick sword fighting. here are our pictures from the event.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth of July Celebration

We had a wonderful little celebration at our house with our friends, Tim and Cheryl. We made terryaki chicken and they brought the fireworks. That's one thing I really love about Oregon, you can light leagal fireworks, it's so much fun. Before we had our own little bombs bursting in air, we played a glorious round of Taboo. I fyou have never played this game, it's a must, lots of fun. Anyway, we of course did guys vs girls. The girls won by 25 points! It was great! Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth. Here are the pictures of our little fireworks show. God Bless! Cheryl and Me
Writing My Name with a Sparkler

The annual "I'm not drunk" picture.
(Every time we take a picture on the Fourth, we end up looking drunk. So it has become a tradition to take the "I'm no drunk picture")