Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Picnic

Today, Aaron took me to Oxbow Park for a lovely picnic and a little relaxation. Here are the pictures. God Bless!


OxBow Park Picnic 001 OxBow Park Picnic 003 OxBow Park Picnic 008 OxBow Park Picnic 009 OxBow Park Picnic 010  OxBow Park Picnic 015 OxBow Park Picnic 016 OxBow Park Picnic 020 OxBow Park Picnic 021 OxBow Park Picnic 022 OxBow Park Picnic 024 OxBow Park Picnic 026 OxBow Park Picnic 037 OxBow Park Picnic 044 OxBow Park Picnic 046 OxBow Park Picnic 056

A Wonderful Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend I was blessed to go home to Arizona for a few days. It was a short, but very nice trip.  I got to see my family and a very dear friend, Elisa, from childhood. It was so nice.  Here are a few pictures. Enjoy! God Bless!


Bucky and me


My last day with Rudy.






Jamie (my brother) and me

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

I had some sad news today from my mom. Our family dog, Rudy, passed away this evening. He was a wonderful dog and has been my friend since we first brought him home when I was seven. He lived to the ripe old age of seventeen, which is really old for a doggy. I was so blessed to be able to see him one last time this weekend. I went home to visit my family and I promise I will post more pictures of my trip later. Here is my last day with Rudy. God Bless. I will sure miss you buddy.lauren_visit_004

Here we are cuddly on the back porch Monday morning before I left.




Here is a little younger Rudy, about 4 years ago.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Robe a la Turque Progress

Yesterday, after finishing the Frock Coat of Doom, I started on my next ball gown project. A Robe a la Turque with a new Chemise a la Reine soon to follow. Here are the pictures of the Robe so far. Enjoy!


The original inspiration, with some alterations. It will eventually be worn over a long sleeves chemise a la reine like the one below on the Duchess du Polignac.


image002863 IMG_0010  IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013  IMG_0015   IMG_0018

Finally here’s the trim I plan to use. I also need to hem it,  add short capped sleeves, and figure out exactly how I want the front to close. God Bless and have a great week!


Love Lauren

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aaron’s Frock Coat

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. The past three weeks I have constructing the Frock Coat of doom! It was certainly the hardest thing I have made thus far. It took multiple fittings, stitch ripping, and adjustments to get it just right for Aaron.

I finally finished it last night around midnight. Aaron then tried it on with his full garb and announced that he wanted to go for a walk. So there we were at midnight wondering down the streets in costume and taking pictures. Here they are! Enjoy!   


Aaron in his frock coat! So handsome!


 IMG_0009 IMG_0010


Here we are. I have no idea what is going on with Aaron’s eye. I think the red eye fix backfired.

IMG_0006-1 Ghostly pictures, aka fun with the camera!

IMG_0007-1 IMG_0008-1

God Bless and have a great rest of your weekend!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tea and Art

Today was the much anticipated Un peu de thé et des Beaux Arts event with the Oregon Regency Society. We began the glorious afternoon at the Heathman Hotel’s Tea Court for high tea. Let me tell you, it was gourmet and luxurious. We were there for about two hours sipping loose leaf teas, eating delectable sandwiches, desserts, and heavenly scones, and basking in the glow of the 18th century. We then headed up the street, walking of course, to the Portland Art Museum for their  La volupté du goût: French Painting in the Age of Madame de Pompadour exhibit. The art was truly amazing and took my breath away. I so wish these paintings could have talked, I can’t imagine the people they have seen and the history they witnessed. ::Sigh:: It was glorious. Here are some pictures of the event. Enjoy and God Bless!

 IMG_0036  Here we have Steph, our ORS President Extrodanaire!!!


The Lady of Portland House (moi)IMG_0003 The Lord and Lady of Portland House (Yes we are silly)   

IMG_0007Your’s Truly and Fearless Leader


So Luxe!


Here we are at the Heathman’s Tea Room. Sigh!






I wish I could always live this way. God Bless!