Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duchie Award!!!

Well, I received the Duchie award from Munich Rococo, Mme du Jard, and Kleidungum 1800!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :) You ladies are awesome!


When you receive a Duchie; post on your blog in no particular order…

  • Five things you love about historical costuming/wearing vintage clothing
  • Three (or more) blogs to pass the Duchie Award onto
  • A link back to the blog who awarded you the Duchie

So, here it goes :D

1. I love the lines of historical clothing. I have never felt comfortable or flattered in modern clothing. Historical clothing takes all of the imperfections and disguises them, if you do it right.

2. I am history obsessed! Historical clothing gives me a taste of what life was like for our foremothers. I love learning about how people expressed themselves through clothing. So much can be discovered about culture and civilization based on the current fashion. Historical fashion is my window into the lives of the past.

3. I love watching skeptical husbands graciously allow their wives to dress them and then find out they actually love dressing up. It’s so neat to watch them go from, “you want me to wear what?!?” to, “honey, I need more frock coats, waistcoats, ect. I don’t have anything to wear.” That is the best!

4. The construction of historical garments is so fascinating to me. It can truly make or break a costume.

5. I love the costume community. I have met so many amazing and kind people through this hobby. There are just sooo many talented costumers out there and each one brings something new to the table. We definitely have the best hobby!

There are so many wonderful blogs out there it is hard to choose three. These three have been inspiring to me as of late. Enjoy!

Before the Automobile- All I can say is wow! Beautiful clothes, beautiful technique, beautiful lady…

Diary of a Mantua Maker- A lovely and talented costumer. Her costumes focus mostly on mid 18th century to late Regency.

Romantic History- Sarah’s blog has a mix of her lovely costumes and her family. It is always a delight to read the adventures of my dear friend.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Connie’s 10th Annual Halloween Party

   Last night was Connie’s amazing vintage Halloween party. Every year it gets better and better and this year was no exception. Now, as you read from my previous post, my evening began with my bird flying away and then, to everyone’s surprise and joy, returning. By the time the party was nearing, I had already cancelled. Luckily, birdy boy decided to return in time for Angel and I to make it. We quickly dressed and made our way to Connie’s home.

    It was most important that we were there, because we had a little act of sorts we put on for the group. I went as  Madame Cleo, a gypsy and fortune teller. Angel was our “sprit”, Alice, and hid under our table for the “séance.” (Now, please note, this was a comedic act, it was not real. I am not into spiritualism and would never dabble in such things. So, no negative comments please.)

   We had a blast and our little “séance” and  tarot reading was a big hit.  The whole party was in stitches. I love making people laugh, and it’s always so much fun to relive my theater days with a little improve. The evening turned out to be just what I needed after the horrible, horrible afternoon with birdy boy. Here are some picks that Aaron took after the party. Enjoy!

Girls halloween party 012

The parlor… We decorated it as a Victorian Mourning room. In the top left corner is Mary, the grieving sister of our “spirit” Alice. Mary is a full-size Victorian doll that we dressed in Connie’s Civil War mourning clothes. She was very creepy.

Girls halloween party 017

Here you can see Angel peeking out from under the table!

Girls halloween party 021

Our lovely hostess, Connie, in her 1930’s vintage witch costume.

Have a lovely weekend!

Crazy, Crazy Day!!!

  You all probably know my little parrot, Gico. Well, yesterday, he about gave me a coronary. You see, our vet advised us to allow his wings to grow in the fall while he has his fall molt. So, we left his wings unclipped for a time. I was going to have Aaron help me clip his wings that evening, but Gico apparently had other ideas. Around four o’clock I went to check the mail and left Gico on the couch with the dogs. Within seconds of opening the door, a neighbor started up a lawnmower, which terrified my bird, and out the front door he flew. Now, when his wings are clipped he’s allowed outside with me and he always stays on my shoulder. Because we had been leaving him unclipped, I have been ultra cautious with him and have not allowed him to go outside. This, of course, was a total fluke and before I knew it, my bird was gone.

   I searched for about twenty minutes, fearing the worst, when Angel arrived, followed by her husband and Aaron. We spent the next couple of hours searching the neighborhood, calling for my bird. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was distraught, shocked at first, and then caught by a wave after wave of uncontrollable crying.  I “knew” my baby was gone. By now it was nearing seven o’clock and the sun had started setting. I had pretty much given up hope.

  Angel and Brad were in the front yard listening for any sounds of him. Aaron and I were in the back putting Baron and the chickens to bed, when I heard Gico do his “I’m ready for bed” squawk. At first we all thought we were hearing things, but then he continued. We all raced towards his squawk and found him on our neighbor’s roof. Aaron was my hero! He leapt over their patio furniture onto the railing of their porch and shimmied partway up the roof so he could reach my bird. He told Gico to “step up” and he hopped onto Aaron’s hand. Then he flew down to the porch railing and stepped onto my finger. I am amazed we found him!!!! He had flown around the neighborhood for almost three hours and returned home to roost. We immediately took him inside and clipped his wings. It was the most horrible and wonderful experience ever.

  I am sooo thankful for my friends’ and husband’s help in bringing birdy boy home.

New Lense (5)

My little escape artist! I still can’t believe he came back. Thank God!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I’m Still Alive

Hi All,

   Yes, I am still alive :) I just haven’t had much to post about. I’m still going to physical therapy and it is going quite well. I have my evaluation this Friday to see what progress I have made from my first appointment and to see if I need to continue my therapy, which I suspect I will. On the plus side, I have seen some marked improvement in my hands and my therapist is confident we will get it fixed.

   Since I am on a sewing hiatus, I have had time to research, dream, and drool over some lovely gowns. Here are some of the beauties I hope to sew, once I’m allowed.


  I need to make a new riding habit. I have some bright red linen and matching deathhead buttons, from Mrs. Cartwright, that are just asking to be made up into this beauty.


One cannot have too many open robes, right?


I love this frock and I have some patterned sheers that would work quite well for this style.


I have always loved the frock on the right.


And it is time to make a new pair of stays. Mine are still passable, but they are dying. I’ve used them for three seasons and they have definitely seen better days. I’m really liking this pair from the V & A. I love the little skirt supports on the back.

Well folks, that’s all for now!

Have a lovely day.

Love Lauren

P.S. To all of my dear friends… Thank you for all of the well wishes and inquiries on my hands. You guys are awesome!!! I sincerely love the costume community. Everyone cares about each other and helps each other. We certainly have the best hobby, in my humble opinion.