Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Riding Habit: Drafting and Draping

Today was a very productive and relaxing day. I got all of the drafting done, the fabric cut out, and I started sewing the bodice together. I also, surprise, surprise, completely changed the design. I have a disk, given to me by a dear friend, that contains a number of fashion plates. One of them is a lovely riding habit from around 1795. Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures of it for you do to the copyright, but it is truly lovely and unlike anything I have ever seen before. So, hopefully I can do it justice. Anyway, here are the pictures of the draping and the beginning of the sewing. Enjoy!

IMG_0009My dress form and my stays. 


Ironing out my mockup.


Beginning to drape the bodice.


I decided to only do a short skirt on the mock-up, to save on fabric. I usually do not try skirts on my mock-ups, but the opening on this dress is a little tricky, so there was lots of futzing to do.  



The waist band looks a little goofy because I pieced left over pieces of fabric together to get the right size and to not waist any. Also, I didn’t bother to properly pleat the skirt on the mock-up. It’s just pinned onto my form.


Sewing the bodice pieces together.


My Avian Helper, riding on my slipper as I drape.

Well, I can’t believe tomorrow is already Monday. I always wish I had another day. Anyway, have a wonderful week!

Love Lauren

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Dixygrl said...

Lauren, I always love to follow your work. It is always beautiful and I learn so much. Do you have a post somewhere that shows how you actually drape (from one piece of fabric on the dress form) a bodice. I always see the finished mock up, but I don't know how it got there. Thanks, Deborah

Hungarican Chick said...

Squee! Your avian helper is most adorable. I haven't even started my stuff yet. Maybe you'll inspire me. Angel's habit is :::augh::: JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!

Cécile said...

Wow! I'm so exited to see how it goes on :)
BTW if you mention the source I think it will be no problem to post the picutre (it was only for the pictures I took privately in the archive and was given by a museum, that I'm not allowed to make public)
The source is the University of Jena:

The Dreamstress said...

Things of yours I want:
1. Your stays
2. Your bum pad
3. Your ironing board
4. Birdie!