Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bishop’s Close Garden Tour

We had a lovely event on Sunday with a group of most amiable ladies and gentlemen. Our day started with a tour through the beautiful Bishop’s Close gardens and ended our afternoon at the local pub for food and libations. It was a lovely way to spend a summer’s afternoon. Here are the pictures :-) And I have listed them with our Le Bon persona names.!

Bishop's Close 006

Mrs. Cartwright, Mme Theodosia, and Lady Sully in the middle of a tete a tete.

Bishop's Close 008

Colonel Etienne and his lovely wife, Mme Theodosia

Bishop's Close 058Mr. Armstrong carefully studies the flora in the garden.

Bishop's Close 034

Lady Simpson and and Mrs. Hansen

Bishop's Close 061

Sir Thomas and Lady Sully

Bishop's Close 041

Sir Reginald in his finest

Bishop's Close 069

Sir Thomas, Captain Cartwright, and Colonel Etienne

Bishop's Close 067

Lady Sully, Mme Theodosia, Lady Warwick, and Mrs. Cartwright

Bishop's Close 046

A lovely group.

God Bless, and have a great rest of your weekend.

Love Lauren (Lady Sully)

4 Witty Sentiments:

Unknown said...

I always love seeing your photos - and everyone dresses up so beautifully! It's like stepping back in time. I sure would love to find a good group of friends close by to do outings like this! Very lovely photos! Have a beautiful week ahead!

Sarah said...

I love these photos; how serene and beautiful you ladies look and the gentleman are very dashing and handsome. It must be so fun to have like minded friends to do things like this with! I can't imagine spending a better afternoon. I wish our group did this - the styles are actually *pretty* whereas the 1860's definitely has to grow on you. :P

lissawi said...

It looks like so much fun! You all look lovely!

Rowenna said...

Lovely photos! The shot of the four "ladies in white" is inspiring me to make my own chemise a la reine...eep, not another project!