Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mrs. Cartwright’s Habit is Finished!!!!

It’s always a bitter sweat thing when I finish a project for a costumer. I absolutely love sewing and I think American Duchess put it the best, it’s almost like empty nest syndrome. I am excited to see it’s owner wearing it and I hope it pleases dear Mrs. Cartwright. Here are the pictures.


Mrs. Cartwright’s Foul Weather Skirt ( a little shorter from trampling through muddy conditions)




Mrs. Cartwright’s longer skirt, for fair weather and non muddied conditions.




Well, I am hoping to start on my habit today. I will be posting pictures as I sew it. God Bless!

Love Lauren

9 Witty Sentiments:

Mrs. G said...

Lauren, that is *absolutely* stunning! It turned out perfect and I hope the lucky lady is well pleased with it. Wow.

Mrs. G

Sarah W said...

Very, very beautiful! I've wanted a riding habit for ages, just can't decide on the exact period... This is inspiring.

Lithia Black said...

It's so beautiful!
Well done!
I so want a riding habit but I have big issues deciding wich period to work with :P

Olympe de la Tour D'Auvergne said...

Lovely! In theatre when a show is over we call the resulting feeling "the big empty". It's very similar.

Amy said...

I love it! Very well done, I must say.

heileen said...

This is an amazing piece of work ! Bravo !

Hungarican Chick said...

Stunning Lauren. Probably good idea to dispense with the train. I might not be so smart... I want the train and bustle system. :)

Lauren said...

Amazing work!! I'm in love!

Abby said...

It looks simply beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Congratulations!!

(And I enjoyed the Freudian slip about the bitter sweat! Isn't that how it always is, as well? :) )