Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Time Away..

Aaron and I were so blessed this weekend with a short trip to the Oregon Coast. Jim, dentist Aaron works for, and his wife Debbie, paid for all of his employees, their spouses, and children’s rooms, some meals, and fun. I think my favorite parts of the trip were the glass blowing studio, where we made our own floats, and the campfire last night on the beach. It was a great time with new faces and a relaxing time for Aaron and me. Here are a few pictures!Pacific City Office Trip 006Guess who? This was early Saturday morning looking out of our room. Unfortunately, you can’t see the ocean but it is there.

Pacific City Office Trip 020

Aaron at the glass factory working on his float. He’s standing next to the cooler furnace. It’s only 2,100 degree F.

Pacific City Office Trip 027

Part of our group. Watching the process and waiting for our turns.

Pacific City Office Trip 054

This is a float going into a 3,000 degree F furnace. I was truly taken aback by the amount of heat those furnaces released. It was staggering.

Pacific City Office Trip 085

Jim, Aaron’s boss, and Andrew, the glass artist, making Jim’s bowl.Pacific City Office Trip 087

Here is Jim’s bowl, right after it was removed from the metal rod.

Floats 001

My Float. The really amazing thing is that our air is sealed inside our floats forever :-)

Floats 003

Aaron’s Float

Pacific City Office Trip 114

  The view out from our room this morning.

Pacific City Office Trip 115

And my favorite part of vacation… Brining souvenirs home to the kids and watching them light up knowing that we are back.

3 Witty Sentiments:

lissawi said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you had a great vacation!

Elyse said...

Very cool! Love the floats you made!! So pretty!


Rachel said...

what a fabulous trip and your creations are wonderful!