Monday, September 26, 2011

The Saga of Muppet

Yes, the saga continues. Mr. Muppet the rooster, formerly known as the Duchess de Polignac, has returned to my home for a short time. The poor guy was badly injured by roosters on Thursday and I took him back in to nurse him back to health. I must say, it has been quite the experience having a rooster living in the house, but he’s so sweet and unobtrusive that it has been a bit of a blessing in disguise. He follows me around like a dog and sits on the couch, on a towel of course, while we hang out in the evenings. I almost thought about keeping him, except he, happily, is feeling better and has started crowing again. Unfortunately, I live in a part of town that does not allow roosters; so I have found him a new and permanent home at an animal sanctuary in Estacada called Out to Pasture. It is a sanctuary for abused farm animals as well as city chickens that turn out to be roosters. This place has been a huge God send, and I am so happy that my little Muppet will finally have a safe place to call home.  Apparently, they have a group of white silkie roosters, just like him, that only accept other white silkie roosters into their flock. I think he will fit right in, once he gets through  initial meeting phase. I have been assured that he will be kept in a pen where he can see and smell and talk to the new flock, but be safe from them, until they accept him.  To top it off, the farm is owned by vegans, so he won’t become dinner!  So thank you, Out to Pasture, for taking my little guy. Mr. Muppet, I will miss you and you have been such a joy in my life. I hope you finally get the home and space you deserve.


Muppet the day after he was attacked eating yogurt on my lap. He loves his yogurt, which I’m convinced is one of the things that has helped him heal so well and quickly. We’ve also been giving him organic “Gatorade” to help with his electrolytes.


Chillin’ with Max on the couch. You can see the scab on the back of his head where he was attacked.


Here he is this morning, watching documentaries with me as I catch up on emails and blogging Winking smile

Hope you all are having a lovely start to your week!

Love Lauren

P.S. I am not allowed to do any sewing for at least three weeks, per doc’s orders. I have been having problems with my hands, and I am seeing a physical therapist for my issues. So,hopefully my physical therapist can help me out and I can get back to projects soon.

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Angela said...

Lauren, what an up lifting post. I really think it is grand that you have taken the time to help the little guy out. We have a juvenille seagull that has take up residency at our school and poor thing the first weeks were rough - he was lost and not ready to feed himself. However, he is beginning to mature and learning to fly better. Unfortunately, he is learning to scavenge more than hunt for his food. The kids make sure he doesn't get run over and I give him fresh fruit to eat from time to time. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Kleidung um 1800 said...

PITY! I'm sorry to hear about the ban of roosters in your area! We've had to face a similar problem years ago, but back then it was only one neighbour (we don't have any restrictions), who complained about his crowing...just imagine all the other noise around no one complains about like traffic etc...and usually our rooster would only crow early morning when we opened the stable door...nevertheless we kept our rooster and decided to open the doors not before 8:30 am...I still think it's so cute to watch a flock of hens with their rooster walking around...


P.S. Get well soon - take care!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Oh do rest up and heed your doc's advice, those hands are such a gift! xox

Unknown said...

F.Y.I. I had been having issue with my hands and joints. when I stooped eating grains and nightshade foods; tomatoes, potatoes, any and all peppers including spices made from peppers, eggplant, etc., the pain went away and I gained back mobility.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Muppet's saga. Poor little thing. Your tender care has for certain gotten him back to health :) And off to a Vegan place... he'll be all set. I love how your doggy cuddles up close by.
Best of luck with your hands. I have had issues with my own and know how hard that is to wait, dreaming up countless things to create in the interim.

Michelle said...

Between our roosters and the neighbor's roosters (not to mention another neighbor's very loud donkey!), the animals are much quieter than the neighbors were when we lived in town.

Glad you were able to help Muppet recover.