Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodies from Ohio

Ok, at least one more post today :) I thought you would enjoy my spoils from the Fair at New Boston. I made off like a bandit and thoroughly enjoyed shopping in period clothing in a period setting. It was amazing!


Brass ink well and quill from Daniel Boone. I do a lot of writing and I am always trying to hone my 18th century handwriting, as well as have beautiful writing implements to use.


Cobalt inkwell. I actually purchased two of these. They are so pretty and handy.


Portable writing box from Daniel Boone.


It is an ingenious little box that folds away to reveal little storage compartments for pens, pencils, and an inkwell.


Another portable writing box. I originally purchased my antique box with hopes of taking it to events, until I discovered it is an original. So, I’ve been looking for a box I can travel with and not worry about destroying or losing my precious antique box. This one fit the bill.


This box is from Spencer’s Mercantile.


Painted silk fire screen/ fan. I can’t remember the name of the shop I purchased it from. I plan to paint Sir Thomas’s silhouette in the center.


Sewing box, also from Daniel Boone.


I love all of the compartments. I still need to “move” into it.


Block printed silk shawl from Regency Revisited.


Linen and velvet for Sir Thomas, from WM Booth Draper. Yes, my husband picked these out himself. I think a summer suit will be made out of the linen and a waistcoat out of the velvet.


Chintz, also from WM Booth Draper. I put my hand in the pic so you get an idea of scale. I have no idea what style this will become, but I’m excited to create it. I’m thinking another open robe will be in its future.


Block printed sheer cottons from Regency Revisited. I love these fabrics and I have nothing like them, so that makes it more exciting.

The End :)

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Unknown said...

What lovely goodies. Looking forward to seeing what you create from the fabric.

Issy said...

Ooh I am so jealous, such wonderful items. I love the writing box, I have always wanted one. :)

Lauren said...

Lovely things! I had never heard of some of these shops. Thanks for the links! I especially love your printed cottons.

Kleidung um 1800 said...


Anne Elizabeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you!

Lucy said...

The Fabric is gorgous!

Laura Morrigan said...

All those boxes are so beautiful! I long for the day when everything in my house will be old and beautiful looking! That is a very long way away!

Those materials are wonderful! I need to keep an eye out for material like that!