Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fair at New Boston Day Three

Our third and final day in New Boston was greeted by the wonderful and beautiful rain. I awoke early and sat on the front porch just enjoying the thunderstorm and the pouring rain.

Fair at New Boston 371

It instantly cooled the land and I was grateful for a reprieve from the previous day’s oppressive heat.

We arrived at the fair to find that not every appreciated the rain. The storm had been quite severe for many of the people who had camped there. Fair at New Boston 439

The oxen cart.

Fair at New Boston 467

One of the oxen. I believe his name was Henry.

Fair at New Boston 489

A few of the vendors were closing their shops and leaving. However, there still plenty of shops for us to peruse and items to purchase.

We once again met up with my dear cousin and the Doctor. It was a bittersweet day, for we knew it was our last day in the Ohio Territories.

Fair at New Boston 384

Cousin Emily, in her lovely new riding habit, and I.

Fair at New Boston 389

However, we did our best to enjoy the few moments we had remaining there. Much of our day was spent chatting, perusing the shops, purchasing beautiful fabrics and wares, and trying to keep our appearances from becoming too disheveled in the rain. I confess, my poor hair did not stand up to the extreme humidity and the hem of my gown was soaked in mud.

Fair at New Boston 412

Captain Cartwright at the Tavern

Fair at New Boston 375

The Doctor, Cousin Emily, and two of the Doctor’s dear daughters.

Later that afternoon we all decided that we needed to have our silhouettes taken. The artist who created them was extremely talented and only used scissors to capture our likenesses. It was amazing to watch her work so quickly and precisely.

Fair at New Boston 429

Miss Lauren Muney cutting my silhouette.


Before we knew it, it was time for our goodbyes. Our time had gone by so quickly and neither Cousin Emily nor I were ready to part our ways. We nearly burst into tears as we bid adieu. We then proceeded to our carriage and returned, once again, to Eppley House.

Fair at New Boston 593

The Parolor of Eppley House


Sir Thomas in the dining room after the Fair.

Despite the inclimate weather, the Fair at New Boston was magical. I fear we have been spoilt by the caliber and quality of this amazing event. The people were so kind and accommodating, their mannerisms were very kind, and their clothing far surpassed any event I have attended. It was truly sad to leave and I sincerely hope we will be returning in the years to come.

2 Witty Sentiments:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

The silhouettes are such a lovely souvenir from your gorgeous trip!
Thank you for sharing those three wonderful days!


P.S. Pity about the weather, but then again it was a very good excuse for a prolonged shopping spree;)

Sarah said...

Oh *sigh*. . .what bliss. I loved reading about these wonderful days you spent in Ohio. The pictures and commentary were truly magical - I believe you imparted some of the wonder of the trip in this exquisite view you gave to your devoted readers. :) I love the wee frill on the hem your gown - I do hope you were able to get all the mud washed out satisfactorily! I love the silhouettes!