Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fair at New Boston Day 2

We awoke early on Saturday morning, filled with excitement for our first day at the fair. Our servants prepared a hardy breakfast, and before long we made our way to the town of New Boston.

Fair at New Boston 138

Fair at New Boston 157Arriving at the fair.

Fair at New Boston 159

The fair was very crowded with all sorts of people. There were young and old, wealthy and poor, military regiments, and even a savage encampment. We slowly made our way through the throngs of people towards the coffee house at the center of the Fair. My dear Cousin Emily and her friend, the Doctor, were waiting for our arrival. It was so wonderful to finally see my dear cousin; we both nearly burst into tears as we embraced. My cousin’s friend, the Doctor, was a kind and well mannered gentleman, dressed as well as any country gentleman in England. Soon after our meeting, the opening ceremonies began, and the shops were open for the day.

Fair at New Boston 148

Mr. Minnis, in the background, and the Doctor, in the foreground.


Fair at New Boston 171

My dearest Cousin Emily and her young charge.

It was not long before the gentlemen began to play cards in the Tavern while the ladies chatted about the latest fashions and gossips from England. We learned that sometime during the game, the Doctor had been insulted, and a duel was to commence at five o’clock on the dot. We did not stay long at the Tavern for we wished to see the sights of the fair.

Fair at New Boston 149

Captain Cartwright and Mr. Ramsey at the tavern card tables.

I fear, the heat and humidity was extreme that day. My appearance became more disheveled as the day wore on. Fair at New Boston 169

Fair at New Boston 166

However, there were so many amusements and shops, that the weather did little to dampen our spirits. Mrs. Cartwright, Cousin Emily, and I spent much of our time perusing the shops and purchasing some lovely treasures.

Fair at New Boston 203

As the afternoon marched on and the heat rose, we decided it was time to make our way into the forest to see the Indian encampments. I must admit, I was nervous to venture into their camp for fear of the unknown.

Fair at New Boston 230

Fair at New Boston 207However, once we arrived, my fears melted away and we quietly chatted as we observed the natives. To my surprise, many of them spoke English and were very polite and kind.

Fair at New Boston 226

Relaxing at the Indian Encampment

Fair at New Boston 229

I would have liked to stay longer, but the five o’clock hour was quickly approaching and it was time for the Doctor’s duel.

Fair at New Boston 218

We made our way back to the fair grounds and found a seat at a safe distance from the duel, yet close enough to see the event.

Fair at New Boston 243

The Doctor’s shot, with Mr. Ramsey, his second.

The Doctor took his paces, and fired at his opponent, but the bullet missed the intended victim.

Fair at New Boston 248

The Doctor’s opponent then took aim and attempted to fire, but the gun miss-fired leaving both men unscathed, although disappointed. I believe it was decided that honor had been served, and the duel was ended.

After the duel we made our way into the forest, led by the Doctor, for a nature hike.

Fair at New Boston 262

Fair at New Boston 288

Fair at New Boston 301

Fair at New Boston 335

Fair at New Boston 277

It was still extremely hot, but we could see clouds building on the horizon and the smell of rain was in the air. We made our way through the forest to a small stream with a waterfall. The scenery was very lovely indeed. As we made our way back to the fair, the clouds finally broke and a beautiful cooling rain cooled the land. It was a perfect end to a lovely day.

Fair at New Boston 370

That night, we crawled into bed, falling asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm. We were happily exhausted from the day’s events and we anxiously await the next day of the fair.

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Anne Elizabeth said...

It seems like a wonderful day! (How good no one got hurt in that duel. ;-) )

I always liked reading about the doctor's adventures - how interesting to see you all united.

Your parasol is lovely!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your posts about your wonderful adventure in Ohio!
Looks, sounds and feels like a perfect event - an unforgetable vacation!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Lauren said...

Thank you ladies :) Unfortunately, it is a three day drive or a 6 hour flight to Ohio from Oregon. So a trip like this can only happen once a year for us :(

Issy said...

It sounds like it was a fabulous event. I wish there were such events this side of the pond.

Lauren said...

How wonderful this all looks! Your ensembles are all divine!

The Dreamstress said...

You lucky thing! What a fantastic event, and so many lovely people. And you look fabulous!