Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fair at New Boston Trip Day 1

Dearest Friends and Readers,

We have at last returned home from our journey to the Ohio Territories. It is hard to believe that our long awaited journey is at an end. It was an amazing adventure and one of the best holidays I have ever experienced. The people, the places, and the history were more amazing than I could have imagined. I fear I have been spoiled by the caliber and quality of the Fair at New Boston.

We arrived very late on Thursday last, hired our coach and horses, and made our way to Eppley House, the cottage we had leased, at Howell Farm, for our stay.

Fair at New Boston 013

Eppley House

Fair at New Boston 006

The Dining Room at Eppley House

Fair at New Boston 616

The farm fields, looking out of the front door.

The house was lovely and very quaint. The farmlands surrounding the little home were filled with the sound of crickets and tree frogs and so many other animals, yet the farm was also very quiet in its own way. I believe Mrs. Cartwright said it best, “I have never been so surrounded by life, yet felt so devoid of life at the same time.”

Fair at New Boston 018

The fields surrounding the house.

   Our first day in the Ohio territories was spent traveling around the surrounding countryside and towns, exploring and soaking in the history of this very young land. I confess, the weather was much warmer than I am used to and my appearance remained quite disheveled throughout our visit.

  The first town we visited was Lebanon, Ohio. It was a very quaint and charming little village with a small tavern and inn at the center of town, called the Golden Lamb. It was newly established and had already become quite well known to the surrounding villages. The interiors were much more rustic than Sir Thomas and I are accustomed to, but they were still very lovely.

Fair at New Boston 022

The lobby at the Golden Lamb Inn (*Mrs. Cartwright is wearing her first gown she has sewn.)

Following our luncheon, we made our way to the Glendower Mansion for a visit and a tour. It was a beautiful mansion, and its decorations reminded me of many of the homes in England.

Fair at New Boston 072

At the Glendower Mansion

Fair at New Boston 081

Captain Cartwright

Fair at New Boston 097

My dear Sir Thomas in his new suit.

Fair at New Boston 121

Mrs. Cartwright and I

Fair at New Boston 125

In the Parlor of Glendower Mansion

After our tour of Glendower, we returned to the Golden Lamb for ices and Shaker sugar pie. Then, we returned to Eppley house to prepare for the following day’s events.

Fair at New Boston 130

In the parlor of Eppley House

Fair at New Boston 131

5 Witty Sentiments:

Madame Berg said...

How utterly wonderful! It's journeys like these that make future, gloomier days a bit more bright.

FashionK said...

how fun! You all look dashing!

Sarah said...

What a lovely, lovely post. I was so disappointed to not be able to come, but your post and photos are *almost* making up for it! What a charming house you were able to stay in for the duration of your visit. Mrs. Cartwrights gown is SO lovely! You all look terrific; I especially love Aarons new frock coat! The lapels are awesome!

Anne Elizabeth said...

How wonderful! Your husband's new jacket looks very fashionable, and his Banyan is very elegant. I love how you take care of your hair in the evening. Compliments to Mrs Cartwright for completing her first gown, it turned out beautifully!

Last but not least - I have to admit, I envy you for having close friends nearby who join you in your hobby. My husband and I, living the big city life, struggle to find any true friends here at all (just lots and lots of acquaintances), let alone someone to join us in the 18th century at a regular basis. Our Living History friends are all far away and we only see them once or twice a year.
But I am very happy for you, and the pictures are a joy to behold!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Aaawwww, I love all the pictures! Eppley House seems to be such a perfect retreat!
And I had to chuckle about your rag curls - soooo cute!!!

And Alisa's words are very true, it's a rare treat that you have such gorgeous friends close by, who even share your passion for anything historic.