Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Bach Cantata Choir…

Dear Gentle Readers,

On Sunday last Sir Thomas and I attended a concert with our dear Le Bon Ton Society that lifted the soul and delighted the senses.

Bach Contada 004

Mme de Valois, Mme de Bordeax, and Myself

Bach Contada 014

Captain and Mrs. Cartwright

Bach Contada 009

Sir Thomas

The Bach Cantata Choir of Portland performed four lovely pieces ranging from Handel to Vivaldi, and of course Bach. The performers were stupendous and the director delighted us with his wit and charm.

Bach Contada 016

The Choir and their illustrious director, Mr. Ralf Nelson.

After the concert, the director and a number of performers came out to the audiences specifically to meet us. It was a wonderful honor. Bach Contada 022

Mme and Col. Etienne de Valois

Following the delightful performance, we took our carriages to the Peninsula Rose Garden for a stroll in the outdoors.

Bach Contada 035

Our merry party: Cpt. and Mrs. Cartwright, Sir Thomas and Myself, Col. and Mme de Valois, and Mme de Bordeaux

The weather was overcast, but comfortable and there was no rain to hinder our stroll.

Bach Contada 052

Bach Contada 057

Bach Contada 060

Myself, you can see the new voile gown under my robe.

Bach Contada 090

My handsome Prince in his new frock coat

Bach Contada 107

Bach Contada 101

The flowers were in their winter state, but the shrubbery was quite green and lovely. The event was a lovely start to the Season.

Well, dear friends, I must conclude for today and put away my pen. I must away to the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright for tea and sewing.

Your Most Humble Servant,

     Lady Georgiana Sully

4 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah said...

You. Are. Amazing! Wow. It sounds like a splendid event and the photos are so supremely beautiful. I love the group shot, as well as the one of you alone and the one of you and Aaron. I just have no words to describe my feelings. Amazing!

Is this the open robe from Janet Arnold? LOOOOVEE the color!

Rachel said...

I wish I could have been in the audience for the performance, to hear it of course and to see everyone's reactions to such an amazing site! Oh how fun that must have been! You all look wonderful!

Rebecca said...

I didnt know your husband was that tall! That picture of you and him kissing is so romantic!

lissawi said...

What a fun event! You all look splendid!