Monday, July 26, 2010

Pittock Mansion Picnic 2010

Hello friends and readers. I hope your week is going well. We had some more doggy drama this week. Leila ended up with a nasty infection on her neck and wound up back in the puppy ER. After some good drugs and some loves she is slowly beginning to mend.

On a more fun note, we had a lovely picnic on Sunday with the ORS and Le Bon Ton at Pittock Mansion. It was great fun and the weather stayed cool for most of the morning. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Pittock 2010 001

Colonel and Mme de Valois

Pittock 2010 011

Captain and Mrs. Cartwright

Pittock 2010 015

Sir and Lady Sully( yes we’re silly) enjoying the delights of the season.

Pittock 2010 041

Sir Thomas surveying the land.

Pittock 2010 036

Pittock 2010 039 

More of Colonel Etienne and his spy glass.

Pittock 2010 013

Mme Theodosia and Sir Thomas chatting in front of the lovely group.Pittock 2010 017

Our cunning spy in his Sans Colottes disguise. Our Royalist nearly had words :-)

Pittock 2010 002

Yours truly, lounging in the shade. Yes, I shockingly took my shoes off ;-)Pittock 2010 031

Us ;-)

Well, I am finally starting to sew again. I am going to be making a new riding habit for the lovely Mrs. Cartwright aka Angel. I hope to document my progress. Have a great week and God Bless!

Love Lauren

5 Witty Sentiments:

Rachel said...

your blog always makes me smile

it looks as if a fabulous time was had by all

Lindsey said...

Your outfit is beautiful!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful event! I am with Rachel, your blog always makes me smile too! I LOVE the photo of you laying in the shade with your gown all swirling about you, you look just DIVINE in that picture! (but you do in every picture!) it's nice the weather was cool, and it looks like a beautiful location. Love your parasol! (where they called parasols during this period?)

Miss Sandra said...

Absolutely lovely! How wonderful to spend such a day in the past. Thanks for taking us along to your forays into the past.
Have a lovely day!

Madame Berg said...

You lovely group of people! I'm glad the puppy is fine.