Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leila Lu, Max, and the Raccoon

Hi All,

  I hope you are having a great week so far and are enjoying your summer. We moved our furniture into the new house on Saturday, with the help of some very dear friends. Aaron and I decided to put the dogs in the backyard while the furniture was being moved. That way they were out of the way and not frightened by the chaos. I, unfortunately had to work that day, although only three hours, and didn't arrive at the new house until around 2 that afternoon. When I got their, I decided to head around to the side of the yard and say hi to the pups through the fence. Now, normally, our dogs are fairly clean and they don't have bad breath. Well, not so that day; those two reeked to high heaven. I ignorantly assumed it was due to their running around and playing all day in the yard. Well, after a lovely lunch at a local restaurant we returned and the girls were dying to see the backyard. To our surprise and horror, we found the source of aforementioned nasty smell. Little Miss Leila had found a raccoon buried in the back yard. It had been dead about 2 months and smelled lovely. She decided what else could be better than gnawing on it's leg. Max thought it smelled so good he needed to roll in it. It was nasty.

   Well, needless to say, they had a bath and a mouth wash, which helped but they still kind of stank. Anyway, we decided to put them in the kitchen to dry while we proceeded to unpack. About an hour or so later, we smelled that lovely dead raccoon smell wafting upstairs where we were working. Leila have vomited the portion she ate and decided it tasted so good she needed to eat the vomit. Oh, yeah, it was nasty and the whole house reeked. We ran to the store to get air fresheners and opened every window we could. Luckily the smell dissipated very quickly.

  Everything seemed to calm down until around 10:30 that night. Aaron and I were still unpacking and organizing when we noticed Leila didn't look so good. Poor girl had a slight fever and her tummy was bloated. She also was not her normal perky, goofy self, and she looked very pitiful. We called the ER vet and they said to bring her in. We arrived at the vet around 11:00 that night and Leila, though not feeling well, proceeded to kiss the faces of the vet and the vet techs. They said she was very sweet and happy, but her kisses smelled nasty. To top things off she was farting the whole way there and at the vet's office. Nasty, nasty. Anyway, they pumped her full of meds and fluids and sent her on her way. We received a copy of her chart and under personality they wrote "Mentally Appropriate". Clearly they don't know her very well. Thankfully it was just an upset tummy and after a few days of rest she has been set to rights. We definitely don't want to repeat that anytime soon, although it was funny after the fact and it does make for a great story :-D

The Perpetrator, Leila Lu...
 The Accomplice, Max...

Well, that's all I have for today. Have a blessed rest of your week. We have an event this weekend so I should have some new pics soon. God Bless!

Love Lauren

5 Witty Sentiments:

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Oh dear! Mind you, Mentally appropriate in doggie terms is pretty, well mental isn't it? Especially big adorable dopy ones ;-)

Hungarican Chick said...

Ahh, nothing like the ripe stank of rotting carcass to freshen your day. I suppose it's the price we pay for dog-ownership; the introduction of lovely nature smells into our households (namely decomposing raccoon carcass and point-blank-skunk butt)...

Flower rolls in dead things too... fortunately, so far, they're usually very small dead things, not freshly unearthed forest-creatures as yours was.

Gross. You poor dear. :0)

GentlewomanThief said...

Oh dear - silly pups! Glad they're both OK!

Rachel said...

oh, that is a nasty story
I am so sorry
What a mess, stinking disgusting mess
And I am even a farm girl
and a vet's wife
and i still think it is nasty
and I still am feeling very sorry for you
hope the moving in went well!!

Sarah said...

Oh Lauren! Oh my, how awful. Yet somewhat funny too at the same time. I'm so glad she is okay and it was nothing worse than a tummy upsetness. Poor thing. :( Let's hope there is no more buried treasure in your backyard - at least that kind! :P