Monday, March 31, 2008

A Regency Tea

I had a wonderful time at my first Regency Society event. We met at the Lavendar Tea house in Sherwood and had a simply delightful tea. I met so many nice ladies, all who have an interest in history and costuming. It was so neat to be in a room that was filled with historicaly dress ladies and decor. I also learned that drving in a corset is painful, complete with some bruising, all in the name of accuracy :-) Here are the pictures of my lovely afternnon in time. God Bless!

Tara (above)

Angie (above)

Susanah (above)

Bronte and her Mother

Kay (Susanah's Mother)

Me :-)

3 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah Jane Meister said...

Lovely, lovely! What a darling little girl. What fun you all must have had! Ah, I can sympathize with the bruising and painfulness of driving in corsets! (although I think yours must be more comfortable than my short stays, which jab most uncomfortably into my ribs whenever I am not in a perfectly ladylike state of posture!)

Thank you for your lovely comments; I have made your blog an addiction. . .er. . .habit. . .as well. :)

Oregon Regency Society said...

I'm thrilled you enjoyed yourself. If it makes you feel better, even my half-length stays were torture. I was tempted to loosen it on the way home. Ugh. My sides still ache a bit. It makes me have more respect for the women of the period, that's for sure.

Please join the RSA board! You'll meet the creator of the Regency dress-up doll there, and more costumer freaks. :D

Oregon Regency Society said...

PS.. I'm thieving your pictures for the ORS flickr page; I hope you don't mind. I don't have any pics yet; and yours are so lovely.