Thursday, March 20, 2008

So here are the pictures of my new dress and bonnet. It's completely hand stitched, yes I'm crazy. Amazingly it took me 3 days to sew it from cut to finish. The bonnet is also hand stitched and started as a straw brim hat I found at a garden store. I am definately loving this era. I'm currently working on retrofitting an old corset to make it period correct. It will help give me the correct shape and lift needed for the period. I am also researching ideas for Aaron's costume. I'm debating if I will sew the entire wardrobe or buy his breeches and frock coat and sew the rest. I admitt, I'm intimidated by men's clothing. I need to read more and look at more fashion plates. Well, Aaron and I are heading to Astoria this weekend for some much needed time away and alone :-) God Bless and enjoy the pics below.

2 Witty Sentiments:

Leah said...

Love the dress! I like the fabric you chose, fits the style really well. You are really good at sewing, it amazes me:) And yes, I do think you are crazy to hand stitch it LOL Love you!

Liesl said...

That is really pretty!!! Makes me want to go watch Pride and Prejudice...or Emma :) Hope your weekend away was wonderful!

~Liesl Irwin