Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Astoria 1811

We had a very blessed weekend in beautiful Astoria. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Northern Oregon Coast, Astoria is a very old fishing town established in 1811. It was so amazing to visit the historicl sites and relive some 200 years of history. We also had some much needed rest and alone time. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast that was built in 1906 and had ver few amenities. There was a bathroom, electricity, and beautiful views with no television!!! Yes, you read it right, NO TV!!! It was no wonderful to have no distractions from each other. Below are some pictures from our wonderful trip. God Bless!!!

Our Room and the View From the Turret

The Wonderful Maritime Museum (Loved it !!!) A map of all of the known ships lost at the reef of the Columbia River.

An amazing 18th century sextant

The Keel from a Regency Shipreck in the Columbia

I absolutely love 100+ year old graffiti. So fascinating, this inscription gives me chills.

An amazing whalebone busk, carved by a sailor for his sweetheart back at home.

Fort Clatsop
This is where Lewis & Clark and their Corps wintered during 1805 and 1806. Another wonderful Regency site.

This gives you a view of how tiny the fort is; Aaron is 6'4"!!!

Could you imagine spending 106 days in the fort, waiting out the winter. To make matters more uncomfortable, only 12 of those days where clear. The rest of the days were rainy or snowy.

This is the site where the Corps landed their canoes.

Various artifacts in the Fort Museum

I was very excited and surprised to learn William Clark adopted Sacagawea's son and provided him with education. It's wonderful to see the beauty of adoption, even in history.
We ended our little journey with a very ridiculous game of scrabble. Note: half of the words are not real :-)

2 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah Jane Meister said...

What a great time you must have had! It looks like a very lovely and fascinating place. The pictures make it almost seem like I'm right there.

Oregon Regency Society said...

Wow! You stayed at the B&B we stayed at during the Winter Ball in Astoria last November. How cool. Hubby and I had the top floor turret, and you guys had the room our VP and her husband had. You can see the Masonic temple from that window, and that's where the ball was! :)

I'm glad to have you aboard with the ORS. We're going to have lots of fun!