Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Room

Many of you know that I absolutely love history and interior design. Therefore, all of my decor has to have a bit of historical flair. I know I can't be completely historically accurate, especially in this house, but I do the best I can. When I was in High School I redid my bedroom in a Victorian, Gothic, kinda Medieval/ Renaissance look. It was my sanctuary. When I got married, I did our bedroom in the same style with the same pieces I had in my parents home. Well, after seven years of a Renaissance bedroom it was time to upgrade. I have been wanting to do our room in an 18th century colonial style for about a year now. Unfortunately, the funds for such a venture can be more than I want to spend at the time. But, a friend of ours had some old blue toile curtains that she never used and wanted to give away. Bingo! They were perfect. So, here is our new look. It's not quite finished, I still need to find some fabric to use as a scarf over the toile, to pull the colors from the bedspread up to the canopy thing. Anywhoo, enjoy the first glimpse of our soon to be completed 18th century bedroom :-)

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Tymm said...

Hey there - saw your post on our blog - Thanks! No, we have not passed court yet with our daughter. her 90 days is up on March 30 (26 days - but who's counting!!) - and then we can apply for her court date.

Almmost there!!