Sunday, March 30, 2008

Regency Underthings

Today is my first event and I'm sooo excited. I will be heading out to the Lavendar Tea House at 12ish. I have been preparing for my first Regency event for a few weeks now. Last night I put the final touches on my fichu and wrapped my hair in rags to curl it. I was amazed at how well fabric curled my hair. My tresses are straight as an arrow and fine, so they do not curl easily or hold curl well. This method, fabric curling, worked like a charm. I now have perfectly curled hair to style in a Regency updo. Here's some pictures to hold you over till after the event. I will most a lot of pictures of the event. God Bless!!!

And what would a well brought up Regency Lady carry??? A Conure of course :-)

The finished product, at breakfast. :-)

2 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah Jane Meister said...

How lovely you look! What pattern did you use for your stays? I have the Mantua Maker pattern but have not yet made it up. Can't wait to see pictures of the event!! :)

It is very nice to 'meet' you as well. You have a lovely blog and it's become a permanent member of my 'favorite blogs' list. :)

God Bless!

Oregon Regency Society said...

Love your stays. Did you use the Mantua Maker pattern?