Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Regency Ballgown

I am starting to research ballgowns for my next event. I have a gown that I made last year from the butterick pattern, but I was never completely satisfied with the result. The skirt isn't full enough and some of the construction is not accurate. I suppose it will do, if I can't sew a better one before April 19th. I'm pretty sure I will make it out of white muslin and will embroider it. I'm no sure if I will embroider the entire dress, or just parts. Here are some pictures of what I'm thinking... God Bless!

The above images are from Katherine's Dress Site. She has amazing costumes, sewn by hand, and very well researched. I admit, I spend hours on her site studing and oogling the costumes.
Below is an image from Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion. This is an excellent site for research and has become an habit of mine :-)
Let me know what you out in internet land think :-) Have a blessed day!!!

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Oregon Regency Society said...

Katherine's drop-front gown is gorgeous isn't it? It's what my green-gown was inspired from.

The Butterick pattern lacks the gathering in the back, and the sleeves are way too puffy.

I do have the Mode bagatelle pattern, I'd be happy to meet you so you can borrow it to trace if you'd like. There are a number of very nice skirts and bodices and sleeves to choose from.

Let me know. :)

Steph ORS

Oregon Regency Society said...

Sarah Jane Meister said...

I love Katherine's site too. I think I go there every day; her work is just so inspiring! The gown from Jessamyn's site is also very lovely and I think I like the embroidery design on it a little better than Katherine's, but that is just my opinion. :) Alas, I'd never have the patience to hand embroider all that myself. . .

Chicken, rice and veggies sound SO good. I'm desperately trying to dissuade my husband from fried catfish tonight. I think one has to be in a fish mood to really enjoy fish and I'm definitely not in a fish mood!

Thank you for your email as well! I will be sending you a letter within the next few days! Mine is