Friday, January 28, 2011

Swapping Chickens for Horses…

Yes, I know, I have had a shameful lack of sewing posts lately. Honestly, I just haven’t done much work on Aaron’s frock coat since last week. I have just been busy.

Well, as you know from a previous post I was getting geared up for chickens. However, another childhood dream of mine started coming to fruition at the same time. My dear friend and I found a very affordable stable that teaches English riding lessons. So, instead of using my extra funds on chickens, I’m going to learn to ride and care for horses. I am beyond excited about this and can’t wait to be back on a horse. I rode a little bit when I was growing up, but I really want to become a good horseman. The eventual goal, of course, is to have my own Equine companion, but in the mean time, riding once a week will feed the craving. 

I do plan to do some serious sewing this weekend. I have the sleeves sewn together; I just need to work the cuffs and attach them to the coat. So, progress is being made, just not enough to really show.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

       Love, Lauren


My absolute favorite movie as a child. Yes, my inner little girl still wants to be Velvet and have my own Pi horse. Hehehehe. I never really did grow up.

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Abby said...

oh how fun! Enjoy it! :D

Hungarican Chick said...


Hungarican Chick said...

Did I say YAAY!???? Because... YAAAY!!! Oh... I also have a divine Kloster Schöntal black dressage saddle from my days of a thinner butt, which I am about to consign to the store... but if you want to use it, Lauren, I would rather loan it out ot you if you want your own saddle. It's a medium to wide tree.. I think it's 16" or 17"... AND I have a gorgeous black bridle too that is unfortunately too small for Tag... so when in need of your own tack, just drop me a line! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Sarah said...

Oh Lauren how wonderful!!! I am so excited for you and so glad you have this opportunity! You can always get organic eggs at a grocery store or from some farm stand. . .but horseriding lessons are just not so easily available. ;) Yayy!!!!

Lauren said...

How wonderful!!