Monday, January 17, 2011

Frock Coat Progress

Well, I have been steadily working on Aaron’s new Frock Coat. I’m very happy with the progress so far. I have drafted, cut out, and interlined the pieces. I also finished the pockets and pocket flaps this morning. Here are the pictures so far. Enjoy!

Aaron's Frock Coat 1.17 (2)

Drafting the pattern with a nice fire and watching Sense and Sensibility.

Aaron's Frock Coat 1.17 (6)

The finished pocket and the flap turned upwards.

Well, now I’m off to line the front of the coat and the tails of the back pieces. Have a lovely rest of your day!



4 Witty Sentiments:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

What fabric are you using? It reminds me a lot to the frock that Ben Wishaw is wearing as John Keats in "Bright Star". I'm looking forward to seeing the finished coat.
And S&S is always a lovely treat - which version are you watching?

Lauren said...

I'm using a dark blue linen :D

Lauren said...

This looks fabulous so far!! Can't wait to see!

Meg said...

Lauren, do you use a pattern for your coats? It looks like you are drafting from scratch, which is so amazing. I would like to make a coat for my husband but I don't have any drafting skills and I have yet to hear a good review of an existing pattern!