Monday, January 03, 2011

Year in Review and Projects for 2011

Yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon. I usually don’t review my past projects, but I decided, why not. I also have a rough plan for the projects this year. Now, this, of course, is not set in stone, but it’s a basic outline. Here goes!

This year was quite the rollercoaster for Aaron and I personally and professionally. We went from planning to purchase a practice, to having that fall through and staying in Oregon, which was a huge blessing, to my grandfather’s illness, and Aaron’s graduation, to our move, and finally, my very sudden resignation. I am truly glad that 2010 is over and I am ready to begin 2011.

On the costume front, things felt rather slow for me. However, I learned a lot of new techniques and I began sewing for other people, something which I plan to do more of this year. I also started dipping my toes into the 1940’s and Dieselpunk. To top it all off, we started our own reenacting group, Le Bon Ton. It was quite the year!

Now onto the costumes from 2010…

Japanese Gardens 037

Aaron’s Frock Coat 3/27/2010

New Years Day 061

Blue Silk Spencer 4/4/10 and modified 11/14/10

Lock Fest 001

1940’s Dress 5/15/2010


Half-boned Stays 6/12/2010 (Yes, I did finish them, I just haven’t taken finished pictures. I know, bad Lauren)

4th at Bruce's 007

1940’s Playsuit 6/26/2010


Mrs. Cartwright’s Riding Habit 8/28/2010

Fox Hunt 005

Riding Habit and Hat 9/21/10

Christmas 2010 012

Mrs. Cartwright’s Blue Velvet Jacket and Gold Silk Petticoat 12/9/2010

Christmas 2010 021

The Kermit Dress 12/19/2010

This year, I have a few basic items planed….

Aaron’s List…

1. Great Coat

2. Frock Coats, probably 3 this year

3. Breeches, 3 pairs

4. Waistcoat, 3

5. Shirts, not sure how many, at least 2

6. Banyan

My List…

1. Bodice Petticoats, probably 2

2. Bedgown

3. Nightgown

4. Chemises, probably 2 or 3

5. Calash

6. Muff

7. As many new gowns as I can muster, hehehe.

Well, that is the personal so far. We shall see how many of these I actually accomplish.

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Beth said...

I hadn't seen your 40's stuff before, very cute! What's a banyan? I ran a quick search and didn't figure it out.