Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aaron’s Frock Coat: More Progress

I am very pleased with how quickly and neatly the frock coat is coming together. I was able to line the major pieces and sew them together. Hopefully I will finish lining the back, make the collar, and sleeves today. I think I can have it finished by the end of the week. We’ll see, though. Here are the pictures so far.

Oh, and in answer to a few questions I have had… It is made of blue linen, a very dark blue linen. My dear Sir wished for a summer frock this year.

Frock Coat 2 (1)

The outside of the frock coat. I had to lay it on the floor to get the whole thing in the shot.

Frock Coat 2  (4)

The tail pleats. You can see the stab stitch the goes around the edges. The lining and fashion fabrics are turned under at the seam allowance, pressed, and then stitched together.

Frock Coat 2  (6)

The interior of the coat. I lined the front pieces and the tails on the back pieces separately. Then all of the pieces are stitched together.

Frock Coat 2  (8)

I still have yet to line the back. That will be one of the last pieces to be lined.

Hopefully I will have more to show you tomorrow.



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Meg said...

You are hand sewing the coat?! You are SO fast. I'm impressed!