Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Grotto, New Tables, and Other Happenings…

Hello All,

   I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoy your Sunday.  We had a nice day yesterday just wondering around our neighborhood and the surrounding areas finding new sites and spending time together. One of those sites is a place we have wanted to visit for a while. So we went and I must say it was very beautiful. It is the Grotto here in Portland. It’s basically a Catholic chapel and park with stations of the cross and a very impressive alter. It reminded me of a place I visited in Malta, although this was much greener and lush.

Grotto 013

Grotto 015

Grotto 016

After visiting the Grotto we drove around a bit and found a great lookout over Portland. Grotto 035

It was a sunny day yesterday and we could clearly see Mt. Hood, which is a rarity around here.

Grotto 027

Yours truly. Further proof that I do indeed where modern clothing in real life. Although, since I left work, I have been rarely wearing makeup. It’s quite freeing and comfortable, actually.  Aaron caught me off guard with this pic, but I decided I would post it anyway. It’s the real me.

Finally, I procured these lovely Williamsburg reproductions from a good friend, who also happens to be an antique dealer. I am so pleased with them and the craftsmanship that went into creating them. They are quite a work of art and they are more pieces in the puzzle of my quest to create more of the 18th Century in my home.


They’re quite tall!


Please excuse the chords. Unfortunately we can’t seem to find a good way to hide them, but I’m working on that.

I will be starting on a custom 18th Century suit for a client very soon. So, I should have some sewing posts again shortly. I also plan to finish Aaron’s coat in the next few days. I have sleeves and button holes left and then it will be finished. Well, I hope you have a lovely week.



3 Witty Sentiments:

Rachel said...

oh how I miss the Oregon lushness and greenery! It has been about 9 years since we lived there and I never could get over the greeness of it all! Utah is white right now, very white.
Your modern day real you is wondeful!

Cécile said...

Wow, that prospect is awsome!!!

I envy you for that lovely chair! (We are looking for some good chairs, antique or reproductions, too at the moment, but everything we like is beyond our budget ;)

Anonymous said...

My grandmother's home in her apartment building built in a European capital in the 1870's is an 1880's period piece with some modern accommodations. She has a fairly simple way of disguising the cables an sockets... They need to either A) match the wallpaper (on a dark gilded floral pattern, they are dark brown or gold, where the pattern happens), and in the newly renovated and restored rooms, she has very elegant glass pieces, where only the light switch is of solid material, and it is in fact era-appropriately designed for the late 19th century electric wiring, although not as clumsy as the original. I'm afraid I cannot find the exact one, but they have the same mechanism as these guys