Saturday, January 08, 2011

1940’s Overalls and Peasant Blouse

We had a Dieselpunk Birthday Party for our good friend, Cpt. Cartwright, and of course, I had to have something new to wear. The evening consisted of Lazar Tag followed by good food and drink at our favorite pub. A dress was completely impractical for Lazar Tag, so overalls seemed to be the perfect item. We had a blast, and I had fun dressing up, as always.


This was after the party so my hair and makeup are a smidge disheveled.

In other news…. I am in the process of adjusting the pattern for Aaron’s new frock coat. The pattern is from Mme du Jard and it is almost eerie how similar our husbands are in size and shape. I promise to have pics soon. God Bless!

2 Witty Sentiments:

Hook House said...

Super cute! I love this outfit, hairstyle, smile and all! :o)

eva´s kleidertruhe said...

Hello! Just have a look:
I awarded you the "loveliest blog award"