Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Visit to the Chinese Gardens

This past Sunday, the Cartwrights, Sir Thomas, and I made their way to one of the cities hidden treasures, the Chinese Gardens. The garden conjured images of far away lands to the East and it’s beauty was breathtaking.









Following the gardens, we made our way to Portland House to dine under our pavilion.091


While my feathery friends played around us.


It was a lovely day!

13 Witty Sentiments:

Lauren said...

This looks like such an amazing time! You all look wonderful!
Love your chickens and your pavilion, too!

Sarah said...

You all look so romantic and beautiful. What a perfect place for a stroll. And the pavilion! The pavilion is fantastic! What a great place to sit and dine on a lovely spring evening. Aaron did a great job with it!

lissawi said...

Lovely! You all should get someone to paint you, really!

Beth said...

Beautiful! I hadn't thought of the Chinese garden as a good spot for a Regency outing, but of course it's perfect! And how fun to have that pavilion in your backyard.

Glad to see you're settling into your new life so well!

Isis said...

You look lovely! Very romantic pictures.

Madame Berg said...

How lovely! Can I come next time?

Mel said...

Such a beautiful gardens. Perfect backdrop for lovely photos, and you all look fantastic. It's lovely to see all the fantastic events that everyone is attending of late.

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Beautiful location! Stunning costumes! Perfection!

rosalen said...

Dear Lauren beautiful photos, which most idyllic place, it gives me great envy to see these beautiful gardines which you have enjoyed so pleasing compañia.Un greeting from the old world

Meg said...

I loved that you appear to have changed your gown when you returned home!

Beautiful photographs; you all seem like such a lovely group of people -- my favorite picture is the one of you dining and laughing together.

Lauren said...

@ Meg: Yes, I did change my gown. Having a very sweet and needy parrot means that I need what I call "poopy bird clothes." I have them for real life and for reenacting life :D Makes it much easier when we have events at our house and my parrot wants to be on me.

@ Everyone: Thanks for your sweet comments!

The Dreamstress said...

Ooooh....lucky thing! I wish we had a chinese garden in Wellington! And I wish I had a pavilion in the backyard!

What is that fluffy bird-thing sitting next to you on the bench?

Aaron and Amber said...

I found your lovely blog through Living With Jane (and hers through the S&S forum) I LOVE your clothing and have a HUGE question for you....HOW DO YOU DO YOUR HAIR! :) I would love to hear back from you!