Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fair at New Boston

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

     I hope you all are doing well and are having a lovely start to the weekend. I’m currently sitting in the chicken run with my laptop watching the girls run around and explore. They are seriously too cute for words.

    Anyway, hubby, the Cartwrights, and I will be making our way to Ohio this September for the Fair at New Boston. I am soooo excited I can hardly stand it. Not only will it be our first reenacting trip together, but we’ll hopefully get to meet some of you bloggy buddies out there. :)

  Of course, this means that I have my work more than cut out for me over the next 3 and 1/2 months. I will be turning out two suits for Cpt. Cartwright, a new dress for Mrs. Cartwright, as well as other items for Sir Thomas and myself. I hope I can get it all done in time.

  And because I’m just not busy enough, I’m going to be bumping my horseback riding up from two days to three days starting in June. So yeah, I’m slammed and loving it.

   Well, that’s all for now, friends. I have sewing to work on. Have a lovely day!

Love Lauren

As you can see, I had help. Miss Henrietta decided she needed to see what I was working on. Apparently, she likes American Duchess too :)

3 Witty Sentiments:

Jenni said...

Lauren, I'm so glad to hear you will be making an appearance at the Fair at New Boston. It is a delightful event. Perhaps I will see you there. The Blue Grass Regency Society is planning on going.

Lauren Stowell said...

Chicken love!!! <3

The Dreamstress said...

Awww...little chickies! So cute! And lucky you going on a reenacting trip!