Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pavilion!

Hubby finished the pavilion on Sunday and we are both super excited about it. I’m thrilled at how it turned out! He did an amazing job. He even sewing the curtains and the roof himself. What a talented guy I have :)

2011.05.22 Yard (5)

Here is is with the curtains/ walls closed.


And with the curtains open. You can also see the make shift fire pit and the moose dog :)

2011.05.22 Yard (15)

I had to include this picture of little girl doggie! Aaron snapped this and it has to be one of the best pictures we have of her. She looks so pretty! Love my Leila Lu.

4 Witty Sentiments:

rosalen said...

Awesome job, you have a husband who is a real handyman

Summer said...

It's beautiful! He is very talented indeed.
What a wonderful place to spend summer evenings!

lissawi said...

It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see party pictures under it. I've missed seeing your blog and I'm glad I can catch it again now!

Jenni said...

It's beautiful!