Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mrs. Cartwright’s Jacket

Dear Friends,

   I have been shamefully lacking in the blogging and posting department. I have been very busy with house work and sewing and general homey things. I am very happy and very content with my new position at home.

  Mrs. Cartwright and I originally started out to create a zone front jacket for her. However, the fabric, silk velvet, would not cooperate with her original idea and was too limp and the drape too heavy for tailoring. So, we went for plan B… This drawstring Jacket.



My version, with a few alterations per Mrs. Cartwright’s wishes.



The next step is to create a petticoat for her out of a gold striped silk organza.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of you week. I hope to have more to post soon. As for now, I’m adjusting to my new routine and preparing for the Holidays. God Bless!

Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

Meg said...

The jacket turned out beautifully! I love the velvet, and I am looking forward to seeing it paired with Mrs. Cartwright's new petticoat soon!

Isis said...

Oooh, that looks very nice!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

It turned out lovely! I always have problems with never really cooperates and I have once already given up a project with cotton velvet. It's a good thing that you've found an amazing solution!

Rachel said...

It looks fantastic! You are so talented.

Cécile said...

Wow! That's great! It reminds me a bit of a painting of Marie-Antoinette where she wears a partly velvet gown in the same colour :)

The Dreamstress said...

Ooooh...pretty pretty pretty!

I have no idea if it is historically accurate, but if I want to make a tailored silk velvet jacket I flatline my velvet with something really crisp.