Friday, December 17, 2010

The “Kermit” Dress

So, I have lovingly dubbed the gown the Kermit Dress, due to it’s striking color resemblance to Kermit the Frog. It is coming along quite nicely, although it has undergone a few changes in design since I started it. I had originally intended to trim the bodice, but unfortunately, once I go the trim on, it made me look like a 5 year old with too many frills and lace. So, I nixed the trim and I am much happier with the overall bodice. It’s much cleaner and now it won’t be locked into being a strictly Christmas dress. Here are the pictures so far, enjoy.




God Bless!

Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Wow! The color is amazing!!! Can't wait to see the finished dress.

Tea Duchess said...

Very pretty and you are sewing so fast. Can hardly wait to see the finished dress.

Rachel said...

wow, it is fantastic! you are amazing.
hope your lifestyle change is suiting you! it is the greatest . . .

MrsC said...

I love the colour, it is like spring growth :)

Isis said...

This is going to be a seriously cool gown!

The Dreamstress said...'s so fantastic! I love, love, love the colour! What is the fabric?