Saturday, December 04, 2010

I am Still Alive :-)

Dear Friends and Readers,

  I have been very absent from the blogosphere this week. Ever since I left my job on Tuesday, I have been in a weird and wonderful state of trying to settle into a new routine. I decided to take things a little easy this week before jumping into full time housewifery next week. Aaron has been so excited and happy to finally have me home. I have been really happy as well. It's hard to describe what I feel, but I guess an overwhelming sense of peace and joy is what I have been feeling. I also am realizing, though I knew this, that house work is enjoyable, but hard work. I'm very happy to finally be serving my Lord and my husband this way. I promise to have more real costume updates soon, once I get settled again. In the mean time here is an amazing video my mom told me about. You must watch it!

3 Witty Sentiments:

Tea Duchess said...

This might sound a tad odd, but will you be wearing costumes around the house? I sometimes feel drawn to do this but then I 'chicken out'.

Tara Ryan said...

Congrats on your new career, lady.

Zebu said...


What a HUGE blessing! Congratulations to you on being able to be a housewife. :)