Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Feast of Twelfth Night

We had an absolutely amazing time at our Twelfth Night Celebration. It was definitely an event of gastronomic delights and good company. There were three amazing courses, dancing, and a Whist. The event officially ended at ten o’clock. However, we were having so much fun that we wanted to continue the evening. One of our party, Connie, invited us to her historic home where we danced and played parlor games for another hour. It was a great night, and i think one of the best events the ORS has had thus far. Here are the pics and video.

Twelfth Night 1 001 Connie, Cory, and Me

Twelfth Night 1 004

Steph and Me

Twelfth Night 1 011

Stacy, Bill, Aaron, and Heidi playing a game of Whist

Twelfth Night 1 224

The amazing spread.

Twelfth Night 1 173

The Lord and Lady of Portland House :-)

Twelfth Night 2 005

Charlotte, Steph, and Cory playing parlor games at Connie’s

Twelfth Night 2 010

Aaron’s turn at the game.

Twelfth Night 2 003

Here are the videos of my songs. The angle is a little strange because is was sitting on a table right in front of me.

Plasir D’Amour

Weep You No More Sad Fountains

The Dreame

Have a wonderful week and God Bless.

14 Witty Sentiments:

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! You have a slendid voice! What a gift God has bestowed upon you! I also enjoyed the dancing video! It's devine! It must be so romantic to have those kind of get togethers! Thank you so much for sharing!
In Him,

Sarah Jane said...

My (insert colorful adjective of choice) computer alas will not allow me to view the clips of your songs. :( :( However, the photos are beautiful. What a gorgeous evening! And your dress! I think it is my favorite so far of all the ones you have shared. The color is beautiful and the style so flattering. You look so beautiful, as always!

Isiswardrobe said...

You look beautiful and how lovely to hear you sing!

Mel said...

Your gown is beautiful, and I love your hair. The height is perfect and the feather compliment the style really well. It gives me inspiration for some upcoming hair styles.

Mrs. G said...

You look beautiful Lauren, that gown is so perfect for you! You make that era look far more flattering than it even seemed to me in illustrations. Your entertainment was very sweet, I had to smile at the pictures. :-)

Angela said...

My dear what a wonderful event your celebration turned out to be! Was this at your home? You have great surroundings for a period event. And yes, your dress and hair are absolutely perfect. Everyone looked fabulous! It seems were able to get friends to play the servants at dinner? Wow that was a nice thing to have. Cheers!

Lauren said...


I wish it were at our home. I wish our home was that lovely :-) It was at a historic home in West Linn that parties can rent out. :-) Thanks for your comments.

lissawi said...

How fun! The dress is stunning and it looks like a incredible evening all around! I can't wait to do more Regency things!

Mme. du Jard said...

You have such a sweet voice! This songs deffinetly brightend up my working-morning :)
And your gown looks so stylish and authentic!
Just a question: what is the name of the dance? Do you have notes for it? (I'm collecting dances for an upcoming regency-event I am organizing with a friend and my husband.)
I would so much like to become aquainted with you in person! Please, please let me know if you ever plan to visit Gemany!

Adelheide said...

The pictures are excellent! It was such a fun evening and I enjoyed meeting you and your husband.


Charlotte said...

Lauren, your gown did turn out lovely; such a beautiful color. I so enjoyed spending the evening with you.

Emily said...

So wonderful to see you "live" on here! I enjoyed listening to you. You have a beautiful voice! It looks like it was a fun party with good food, wonderful clothes, and great friends! :)

Mrs. G said...

I don't have your e-mail but I wondered, have you seen this? I thought of you.... :-)
I hope that link works.

Jossilynn Parx said...

What a song bird you are!! Just beautiful! Looks like the night was splendid!