Monday, January 18, 2010

Antiquing and Friends

Yesterday our friends, Brad and Angel, took Aaron and me to the Antique’s fair in Clark County. We decided to make a little spectacle of ourselves in costume. We had a lovely time meandering up and down the aisles, digging for treasures, and having fun together. We had a number of people ask us about our costumes and who we were. There were a number of sweet older ladies were swooning over Aaron. One lady asked if she could take him home, it was quite entertaining.

I was amazed at how many booths there where and the sheer amount of trinkets and treasures. There were a number of over priced items and a few really good bargains if you were willing to dig. I ended up coming home with a darling little table for our bedroom and a hand painted minature pendant on a necklace. The pendant is probably Victorian, but it was very cute and has 18th century people on it, so I decided to get it.

After our Antiquing, we went to a local English pub, Horsebrass, and had dinner. While we were sipping on our Ales, a lady came over to inquire about our “unusual attire.” She was on vacation from England and was so excited to see us in Regency costume.

We had a wonderful day. Here are the pictures. God Bless!

Love Lauren


My little table, I absolutely adore it. Now I need a cute 18th century style lamp to go with it :-)


My porcelain pendant.

Antiqueing 009     Angel and Me

Antiqueing 010

Brad, Angel’s husband

Antiqueing 011

Us :-)

Antiqueing 012

Antiqueing 013

Brad and Angel

5 Witty Sentiments:

Mrs. G said...

Lauren, if I haven't said it before, you and Aaron (and your friends) look so *real*! I'm always impressed by how perfect your clothing seems. :-)

Elena said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am absolutely a fan of vintage times and enjoy reading and learning of others enjoyment as well.

Your day out sounds wounderful and everyone looks like they had a lovely time.

Thanks for letting me peek into your world :)


lissawi said...

That table is stunning! What a great find! Can't wait to see you on Valentine's Day!

Mme. du Jard said...

What lovely finds you made! Unfortunatelly M. du Jard doesn't like to go to fleamarkets, so I have to go alone and that's only half the fun without any company.

I just have sent you an email, to your private and buisiness-adress, I hope you will get it this time :)


Angela said...

What fun!