Monday, January 18, 2010

Aaron’s Frock Coat

Well, I finally decided to start on Aaron’s new coat. I’m using Wingeo’s 1795 Frock Coat as a base and, as usual, I will “Frankenstein” it accordingly.

I must warn you, if you plan to use this pattern, watch the sizing, it runs small. Mme Du Jard was so kind to warn me before I delved into the pattern. Also, they transposed the 34-36 lines with the 38-40 lines in a few places, but it’s pretty obvious which lines are which.

I traced the pattern at the 34-36, even though I knew it ran small. I decided to start small, because I usually have to take most patterns in and lengthen them to fit hubby. To my surprise, I had to go up to the 38-40. The body of the coat fits quite well and after a little lengthening, the sleeves fit well.

Here are the pics so far. God Bless and have a great week!Antiqueing 008

The pattern of doom :-)

Antiqueing 004

My little helper, Leila. And, no, I didn’t set this picture up, it was all her :-)


Aaron in his mock up. The sleeve is no longer attached, I removed it and then remembered I needed a picture of him.

Now onto cutting out the main fabric and lining. I’ll keep you updated :-)

3 Witty Sentiments:

Charlotte said...

Fun! A new project :) Great start

Madame Berg said...

You have a lucky husband (for many reasons, of course!) I'm sure he'll look dashing.

Mme. du Jard said...

I agree with Mme. Berg! And it shurely will turn out great :)
By the way, his haircut and beard look soooo period!!

Just two little hints: first, I would try to sew the shoulder cap higher on the shoulder, to enhanche the look of narrow shoulders, this is still possible, as the sleeves look not very tight.
And - if it is still possible - I would add a little more fabric arround the neck so that the collar will be snugger to the neck, but try it on while he wears his neckcloth.
Btw: did you get my email?