Monday, June 29, 2009

The Camping Trip…

This weekend Aaron and I decided to go camping. We dropped Birdie Boy off at Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Tim’s and took the dogs for a little adventure.

We had intended to find a spot at Frying Pan lake, however, we found that it was a marshy swamp like place with no way to get to the water. So we ended up camping off a forest road near Timothy Lake.

The dogs ended up being miserable. We had to tie them up while me made camp and got a small fire going. Leila did not like the fire part at all. They had a long rope, but they couldn’t sit next to us while we cooked and they didn’t have their couch, slightly spoiled.

After dinner we headed into the tent and Aaron taught me how to play poker. Max immediately conked out in the tent, but Leila Lu was not a happy camper.She was in constant guard dog mode and just sat facing the door all night and growled. She finally did fall asleep for about an hour. At about 2:30, I needed to go. Leila woke up completely freaked out and disoriented. She was so unhappy. So we packed up camp at three in the morning and decided to head home. We got home around six am, showered, and all four of us jumped into bed and slept until eleven. And so ended our little trip. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy :-)


Camping Trip 004

Camping Trip 006

Home Sweet Home

Camping Trip 007

Camping Trip 010

Unhappy puppy :-(

Camping Trip 014

We couldn’t get the dogs to face the camera.


God Bless and have a great week ! Love Lauren

3 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah said...

Aw, it looks like a lovely spot for camping!

Your post reminded me of last year when we had to leave a reenactment around midnight because our children weren't happy in the tent and wanted to be home. Poor doggies. :( Sounds like quite an adventure!

Lindsey said...

What a great idea for an adventure! I'm not much of a camping girl, but your pictures make it look like it was tons of fun. Too bad the dogs didn't have quite as much fun!

lissawi said...

Quite the adventure! At least you tried and it does look pretty!