Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of Those Days...

Today was a mumbly grumbly Wednesday, yes I stole that from The Hungarican Chick. It was just one of those days that started off on the wrong foot and has kept going. Nothing major has happened just minor annoyances, bumps, and scrapes along the way. From computer issues, which seems to be never ending around here, to Marmoleum tile colors that a client designed their whole scheme around being discontinued, without warning, to more computer issues. Grrrr.

So I've decided I'm having my own mental 18th century picnic and you are all invited.... Enjoy!

You are cordially invited to The Lady's first annual Mental Vacation and 18th Century Picnic.

Time: Whenever you are just too stressed

Where: Petite Trianon, of course

Who: Any and All... Including Marie Antoinette and her crew, Georgianna and a few of the Ton, and maybe Queen Elizabeth I (I know wrong century, but it's my mental vacation) and whomever else you feel needs to be there.

I think I will wear the above ensemble.

There will be relaxing boating with Marie and of course Lamballe.

Champagne or fizzy juice will flow, your choice of course.

And I think the above should some up what will be served.

Here is where we shall meet.... On the grounds of the Petite Trianon by the gazebo.

Sigh, imagination is a wonderful thing.
God Bless
Love Lauren

P.S. You all probably think I'm complete bonkers...

3 Witty Sentiments:

AlohaAroha said...

I don't think you are bonkers! I think you are fantastic. I lay claim to that particularly lush portion of grass in front of the bush, and I'll bring the chocolate bonbons.

Andrea said...

Lauren, I enjoyed this sweet "picnic." It was very refreshing after my long day.

Take care, and God bless.


Sarah Jane said...

Ahhh. . .blissful. This was a wonderful imaginative picnic. Perfect. Thank you for sharing with us!