Sunday, June 21, 2009

The First Annual Sherwood Regency Ball!!!

As promised, here are more pictures from the ball last night.


Lavender Tea House 001

Hair of “Great Enormity” to quote Lauren from American Duchess

Lavender Tea House 003 Lavender Tea House 006

Mr. Handsome :-) AKA Aaron

Lavender Tea House 071

Playing Whist

 Lavender Tea House 007 Lavender Tea House 159


Lavender Tea House 161

Christian and Tara

Lavender Tea House 020

The Belgian Draft Mare Puna. We were supposed to have carriage rides but it rained so they allowed us to pose with her instead.Lavender Tea House 023Lavender Tea House 026Lavender Tea House 038Lavender Tea House 041

Lavender Tea House 124

Tara, Steph, and me walking with the boys in downtown Sherwood.

Lavender Tea House 139Lavender Tea House 151

God Bless :-) Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

Lindsey said...

Lauren, I love your costume. It's beautiful! Your costumes are always so lovely and such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! The color of your gown is just lovely on you and your hair is incredible. I love the picture of you looking into the mirror - so romantic! You look as if you stepped out of a period film or a painting. You are truly an inspiration!

Hungarican Chick said...

Lauren! Love those pics. Please send me the link to your pics page or send me your pics to upload to mine! Pleasepleaseplease. If you have movies too... :::::beg::::::

Hey, if Thea had been with the group on our little promenade, you'd have the top four horsewomen of the ORS-opocalypse. Heh heh. Notice I'm busting a gut in every pic too... Merry me. You are a delight, as usual. Oh, and the horse's name was Epona.

Hungarican Chick said...

PS, I thieved all the pictures from this post already... ::mua ha ha:: ::skitters away with her trove of stolen pictures::

Lauren Stowell said...

That. Hair. Is. BRILLIANT. Did you use a wig or is it your real hair? Both are commendable; it looks fantastic!!!

The turque is awesome, and such a beautiful color too. Thanks for posting!

Me said...

Oh, Lauren,

That looks SO fun! You are lucky to live where you do, indeed!

Thank you for all the pictures and the post.