Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics, Good Friends, and Long Walk

Okay, so the title of this post should sum up just how random this post will be :-) First off, I am absolutely thrilled about the McCain, Palin campaign. I know their both politicians, but Sarah Palin has a very geniune presence. I really enjoyed her speech at the Republican convention. I'm also very excited about McCain. I with most, but not all, of his policies, and I really admire his service in the war. What an amazing story and what courage. Okay, enough of my politics for now, time for the next random thing.

On Monday night we got to spend a great evening with an old friend, Max, from Flagstaff. He and Aaron went to highschool together and have continued to stay friends over the years. We went to McMenamins (yumm!), Aaron's dental school, and had a nice round of Season 5 of The Simpsons. It was a lot of fun, and really great to see someone from home.

Finally, the last bit of randomness. Today Aaron and I went for a very, very long walk from our house to Mount Tabor. We took Little Missy, aka Leila, with us. She was sooo, tired by the end, and has slept the rest of the day away. It was really nice just to get out of the house and take an "urban hike." The whole thing took us almost 2 hours, round trip, and was simply delightful. I hope all of you in computer land are having a great week as well. God Bless!

Aaron and Max at the OHSU tram, over looking the city.

Aaron and Max being silly at the school!

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Sarah said...

I love long walks like that. And what a blessing you were able to spend some time with an old friend! And I feel exactly the same about McCain and Palin. . .go Republicans!