Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fur Babies Aches and Pains

Hello dear friends, I hope all is well in internet land. Those of you who are frequent readers know that our dog, Max, tore his ACL and is awaiting surgery in October. On Monday I called our Vet to schedule his pre surgery work, which will happen Oct. 4h. We're shooting for his surgery on Oct. 17th. Anyway, I got home Monday night and my mom called me with some ironicly awful news. I was expecting to hear that my childhood dog, Rudy, who will be 17 had passed. That, thankfully was not the case, and he is alive and well. Unfortunately, the news pertained to Rosco, my parent's 8 year old German Shepherd. He tore his ACL that morning and needs the same surgery as Max. It's crazy, something that we have never experienced has now doubled. Luckily for Rossi, he's scheduled for his surgery this Friday. So please keep our pups in your prayers. Love Lauren



2 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah said...

How strange that both precious doggies should have the same problem! I will be praying for Rosco tomorrow and will be anxious about Max's surgery until it is all over with. Hope both boys start feeling better very soon!

lissawi said...

Poor furbabies! I hope that the surgery goes well and he recovers quickly!