Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Tea

Le Bon Ton and guests convened at the estate of Sir Michael and Lady Devereux, on Saturday last, for an afternoon of refreshment, polite society, and entertainment. The party was graced by the talents of Mme de Bordeaux, in a reading of the Rivals, as well as Professor D.R. Schreiber and his magical experiments. A wonderful time was certainly had by all.


Mme de Bordeaux and I enjoy fine refreshments before the entertainment begins.


Mme de Valois calls the audience into the parlor for the entertainments.


Professor D.R. Schreiber’s electricity machine awaits the conjurers experiment.


Professor D.R. Schreiber performs one of his demonstrations.


Mrs. Cartwright and Mme de Bordeax watch the Professor’s magic.


Mme de Bordeaux delights the audience with her dramatic reading from Sheridan’s The Rivals.

Enraptured Audience I

The enraptured audience, with our host, Sir Michael, watch in awe.


The lovely hostess, Lady Devereux.


Gentlemen enjoying their pipes after sabrage.


Col. Etienne de Valois describes the sabrage process,which is opening champagne with a sword.

2 Witty Sentiments:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

It's lovely to meet the Kermit Dress again! Looks like a wonderful afternoon.

Unknown said...

Love, Lady Devereux's dress. Is there a full length picture of her wearing it?